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    I have Blackberry Desktop Software and a Bold 9700.
    Normally when I want to backup my phone, I open the software first then I connect and it shows that it's connecting for a while then starts the backup once it's connected. At the same time, Windows shows a little popup informing me that my Blackberry has been connected and lets me access the memory card.

    Now for some odd reason, when I connect my Blackberry, the software shows that it's connecting but the Application Loader pops up and the software just stays stuck on connecting to my Blackberry but Windows lets me access the memory card. So I tried clicking next on App Loader (I don't have any OS installed so I don't even know why it's popping up), but it just brings me to the screen where I select which app I want to install or remove. Then I click next and it finishes (nothing happens on my phone). App Loader closes but the software is still on connecting.

    I have also tried rebooting many times and reinstalling the software.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you guys can help me out.
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