1. bb.levi's Avatar
    Hi guys. I’m new to blackberry world and I’m already experiencing an odd problem: Every time I connect my bb on my laptop by usb using the “BlackBerry Desktop Software”, my laptop wifi’s connection is dropped! At first believed it happened coz my bb was trying to act as a modem and replace my internet connection, but later I saw that option wasn’t even configured. This is not a critical problem, but it prevents me from update the OS of my bb. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

    BB: 9780
    BlackBerry Desktop Software: 6.1
    Windows 7 Professional
    03-17-12 06:16 PM
  2. MrLynd54's Avatar
    Did you download the new OS before trying to update your phone?
    03-17-12 06:31 PM
  3. bb.levi's Avatar
    No. I was trying to use “BlackBerry Desktop Software” to download and install the new OS when I took noticed of this problem… I know I can register and download it using one of those carries pages, but I’d like to find a solution for this problem first. Thanks.
    03-18-12 05:35 AM