1. JOOCE's Avatar
    Blackberry Desktop Software
    Blackberry Bold 9700

    Blackberry Desktop Software cannot communicate with connected device. The options am given are Retry (does not work), Update (no updates available).

    I rebooted my PC, no luck. Did a battery pull, no luck. Uninstalled BDS, reinstalled, no luck.

    On Jan 13, I unlocked my Blackberry with cellunlock.net. On Jan 14, I was able to sync my device, without issue. On Jan 15, I tested the Blackberry with a friend's SIM card. Seemed to work. I replaced my SIM card. On Jan 17, I could no longer sync.

    Next, a friend offered to help and deleted my Vendor.xml file. This did not fix the sync issue. Also, he did shift+delete, so I could not recover Vendor.xml from the Recycle Bin!

    Any ideas of what I can do to restore syncing?

    Is the lost Vendor.xml file a bad thing?
    01-17-11 07:19 PM
  2. tariuq's Avatar
    I had exactly the same problem. After much uninstalling and reinstalling I finally found the culprit: an application called Tarascon Pharmacopoeia that had recently updated itself through BlackBerry App World. Uninstalling it resolved the problem. So I suggest that you uninstall all recently installed applications and hopefully the problem will be gone. Then reinstall each application, one by one, each time checking to see if BlackBerry Desktop Software can "communicate" until you find the application responsible.
    02-27-11 09:40 PM