1. mshafiq's Avatar
    I have just received a Blackberry Bold replacement handset from Orange, UK. When I have tried to set up synchronizing, the option to link to Outlook is not there, there is Outlook Express but I use Outlook 2007 and before replacement handset was using outlook without no problem. Before the replacement was sent everything was okay and working. Spoke to Orange ten times, they told me to completely uninstall Desktop Manager and then re install, I have done this but there is still same problem and no soultion was identified, they told me to contact Blackberry.

    I wish to set up synchronizing with Outlook 2007, how do i do this, your help would be really useful, thanks. I have Microsoft XP, Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 and Outlook 2007 as default email

    10-11-09 04:50 PM