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    What a difference!
    PocketMac seems like a "lite" sync solution and really only offers sync, install/uninstall and some media capabilities and these latter 2 areas seem buggy. BB Desktop Manager seems like a more complete solution and it is an injustice that BB Mac users don't have access to these same capabilities without "borrowing" a windows box.

    I installed PocketMac even before my BB 8830 arrived in the mail from a seller on ebay. I configured it to sync to ical, address, etc and got myself all set to bring my data over from my old 755p. All went very well, except it seemed that sync was taking a very long time. 8-10 minutes. Also I really didn't like the fact I couldn't back up my entire device.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager...
    Today I broke down and installed BB Desktop Manager on my pc at work. (I don't do Windows at home). Desktop Manager offers a full set of features. It could backup and upgrade my device and the app install/uninstall seemed more capable than the PocketMac version. I did notice the sync took a very long time. I don't want my personal stuff in my company copy of outlook so I set it to sync with plain text files. I sat and watched as it counted through 4,000 contacts, 700+ calendar entries, etc. Very slow. Let's hope it's faster next time as it was a lot slower than PocketMac for Blackberry. Perhaps I will decide to go ahead and let it use Outlook and it will speed up but that will come later. For now at least I have a backup of my device which was the main thing I was trying to accomplish.

    Talking Back to RIM...
    I've written to BB in their "Owners' Lounge" requesting BB Desktop Manager be ported to OS X. I hope they listen.
    11-21-08 02:14 PM
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    I did the same as you, and I agree, DM blows PocketMac out of the water. I installed it on my wifes Toshiba laptop, and use that solely now for everything BB related. I have issues with PocketMac, and I wish that it worked better.
    11-21-08 05:32 PM