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    Not sure where I lost the Roxio media manager but seems I cannot find how to get it back. I think its the version of the s/w. I am now up to Desktop Manager 4.7. I had thought I selected the one with the media manager. I even went backwards to 4.6. Still no go. Is there someway or another piece where I can manage my photos? Thanks!

    Joe D.
    03-16-09 10:31 AM
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    If you have a media card you can just do drag and drop in windows like a mass storage device.

    To get back Roxio try going on the PC to control panel>classic view>add or remove programs>Desktop Manger> click "remove"> . Then slip the CD back in and reinstall it. When it asks you to set up normal configuration or advanced/custom choose ADVANCED SETUP and make sure Roxio is selected.

    I haven't tried this, but I'm assuming this will work.
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    03-17-09 06:19 AM
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    4.7 doesnt play well with older devices. Try going back to blackberry.com and downloading 4.6 with media manager. Look for this one * File name: 460_b027_multilanguage.exe
    * File size: 293.886 MB
    * Date posted: 26-Feb-09
    Make sure you uninstall 4.7 first by going to control panel then add/remove programs.
    03-17-09 07:25 AM