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    M'kay, so I connected my Blackberry to my computer, and ran the App Loader to update my firmware version. It got almost all the way through the process, and then got to restore device data at which point it stopped. The little dots are still blinking, but that progress bar hasn't made any actual progress in about an hour. What do I do? If I unplug it will it brick? Or is it just going to not restore my data? Because I backed up my data prior to the update....

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    Looks like this:
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    06-24-10 03:58 PM
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    This might happen if you have a very big backup. With me it never took this long, but I would wait a bit more. If it really doesn't move, reload the OS from scratch using BBSAK (you can read the BB 101 tutorial on installing an OS when you are not entitled). Basically it will wipe your device completely and install the OS with factory defaults. Then you can restore the backup.
    I hope I was helpful ^^
    06-24-10 05:27 PM
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    Lol, I got impatient after about 2 hrs and just unplugged it, it said that it finished restoring the data after I unplugged it, but just to be safe I restored the back up file I made manually and now it works like new. Didn't update my firmware like it said it was going to though... I'll check out that BBSAK thing, might be a good idea. Thanks!
    06-24-10 05:54 PM
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    hey it happened to me too. i'm just let it sit there cause i really didn't need it for a couple hours. Its moving really slowly. Its been an hour and a half and still going... Just going to wait it out and see what happens
    06-25-10 12:45 PM