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    Anyone run into problems with syncing Desktop Manager (v5.0.1.37) with a Blackberry Storm (1)? Regardless of whether I'm using a USB connection or Bluetooth, once Desktop Manager identifies the Blackberry Storm (I.e., shows the right value for the "Device Connected" Pin), the Desktop Manager freezes up. My Storm shows the image of the Monitor and the image of the PDA, but there isn't any line connecting them (which I think should show up if there is any communication happening)

    Incidentally I've tried reloading the Blackberry Device Software from the Blackberry site with the thought that might fix the problem. However, The Application Loader shows the SW reading the Application Configuration ("completed"), then Read Device System Configuration (also "completed"), but then stalls out - nothing happening at the third step (Read Device Service Information). So I'm stuck there as well.
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    04-23-10 01:06 PM
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    In my case I was updating phone. Stalled at 3rd Step which said it could take up to 30 minutes to complete. I waited over 9 hours! Finally disconnected and now have a 'brick' with just AT&T logo.

    So, AT&T store suggested running 'Application Loader' from the 'Common Files', not Desktop Manager. It recognizes the PIN and Reads Application Configuration and Device Configuration but stalls on 'Read Device Service Information'. Just a white screen on Phone.

    09-19-10 01:58 PM