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    OS: Windows Vista Enterprise
    Desktop Manager: 5.0.1
    Software: Software Version for BlackBerry 8830
    Multiple BlackBerry 8830

    Having an issue with Blackberry Desktop Manager [specifically the Application Loader] "remembering" the phone software when utilizing both Add/Remove and Update. I have downloaded the appropriate software from the Sprint website for the phones. Desktop Manager recognizes the Blackberry [Shows the Model and PIN at the bottom of the Desktop Manager], just doesn't see what's installed.

    I need to remove the various language options, add S/MIME and MDS, but do not get the option. I'm new to the Blackberry world and realize that what I'm saying may be confusing.

    Steps I have taken is repeatedly installed and uninstalled the Desktop Manager, the software for the phones and the S/MIME tools. It will work for a day and then a few days later simply won't "see" what's already on the phone.

    If this makes sense to anybody, do you have any suggestions on what to look for either on the computer or the Blackberry as to why it would "forget" the package?
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