1. Zatx Woopyoax's Avatar
    I'm new to the software and the Storm 2 I have so I'm sure it is operator error here.

    When I plug in my Storm 2 and fire up the software (or vice versa) it ends up deleting most of my applications, settings, and data. What gives?

    To give you an example. Today is the first time I used both the software and my phone on my laptop at work. I had previously deleted the Task application and wanted to put it back on my phone. I clicked the add button and hit apply. Then proceeded to watch a pop up showing a long list of modules being transferred to my phone including updates to tons of stuff.

    When it was completed and I looked at my phone most of my applications had been either moved or were gone. All my icons had been moved back to where they were when I first got the phone, and I had to spend half a day resetting up my phone to my liking. Every application I opened required me to agree to the same EULA that I had just done the day before. All of my applications requiring a login required me to re-enter all of my information (if they weren't missing that is). The new Podcast application had lost all of the podcasts I had downloaded (though I could drill down on them in my media card I could not access them through the application).

    How do I avoid this? What setting did I set wrong in the software?

    08-12-10 02:38 PM