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    I'm new to Crackberry so if I'm posting in the wrong place forgive me. My question is....I am on an Enterprise Server for work purposes. Is BBDM of any value to me? I don't really understand it in the first place. I just bought the Bold but had 3 other BB's before this. Never really used the desktop. I've decided to become more educated with this BB. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    08-14-10 07:46 PM
  2. 0100010's Avatar
    Yes, if you ever want to upgrade your OS, you would have to use the full DM to do so, vs just using loader.exe so your phone auto enterprise re-activates. Otherwise you'd have to request a new activation from your BES admin after the update using any other method.

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    08-14-10 08:25 PM
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    Makes Sense. So other than upgrading my OS...would I use the DM for anything else? I've seen posts with people discussing thngs they do, like deleting unwanted files to free up memory...but I can't say I really understand. Do I need DM to transfer pictures from my phone or are they already there and I just don't see them? Sorry...lots of questions.
    08-14-10 08:30 PM
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    If you have a memory card in your BB and Mass Storage Mode set to promt or enable, then when you connect your BB to your PC the card will (should) appear as an external drive; no need for DM.

    As far as cleaning up CODs, I usually do it by cleaning up the files from a new OS that I want to install, and use DM to do a backup / wipe / update / restore / re-activate.

    But I have read there are other apps that allow for the cleanup of CODs directly off the phone that are otherwise not removeable from the Applications options menu in the phone.

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    08-14-10 08:40 PM
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    There is a good chance that your IT department has your BB locked down pretty tightly so you might not be able to upgrade the OS - and even if you could, I'm sure that they would frown upon it.

    That said, I regularly turn off OTA syncing on my office Tour and sync with Outlook on my home computer. I then sync my Outlook with my personal BB so that I can have the same calendar on both devices.

    Don't forget to turn OTA syncing back on after you've synced with your PC.
    08-14-10 08:51 PM