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    Is there any inside news on what is happening with BlackBerry Blend? Such as latest leaks or gossips around what is upcoming?

    Would really like to see integration to any other app in the Hub (on the physical device), such as, FB, WhatsApp, LinkedIn. According to my understanding, the pc is connected to the device's Hub and still sends and receives messages/notifications via the mobile device? So certainly it wouldn't be that difficult integrating with other Hub Items? Or would it be illegal to do integration without the Developers' consent?
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    12-08-14 03:00 AM
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    Just speculating here. From my understanding, the native Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter apps are built by BlackBerry, so I can't imagine Blend integration being prohibited. Beyond that, I would think that anything that allows Hub integration would by extension permit Blend integration since it's effectively extending/mirroring the user interface of the phone/Hub.

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    12-09-14 09:35 AM

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