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    I'm a brand new bb user as of 2 days ago, and I'm doing a lot of learning and research. Here's my situation:

    - My company does not run BES, and did not provide me the bb.
    - We are on a domain and do have OWA. I run Outlook 2007.
    - I setup as BIS, and successfully setup my work email and a couple other email accounts on my bb.

    Everything is working, up to a point. However, I get a couple hundred work emails a day, and I spend all day at the computer reading, replying to, and filing my emails into various sub-folders under my inbox (I don't delete any incoming work email). And I *really* want my bb synced w/all that.

    When I read a msg on bb, it gets marked read in Outlook. And when I reply on bb, it appears in Outlook's sent items. BUT:

    - When I read a msg in Outlook, it doesn't show as read on bb.
    - When I move a msg to an Outlook sub-folder, it still shows in bb inbox.
    - Bb doesn't show my subfolders at all.
    - Bb doesn't show my sent items (AFAIK).

    So, what is the best solution to keep my bb mail better in snyc with Outlook?

    - Should I beg my company to install BES on a server? Will that make my bb mail actually *sync* all folders (subfolders, sent items, etc) with bb?
    - Should install the desktop / redirector software on a computer at the office, and do my mail that way? Will *that* do the sync I want?
    - Is there some other solution that will do what I want?

    At the moment, I haven't even *installed* the desktop software yet, so I don't have any contacts or calendar on my bb yet.

    Thanks very much for any assistance/advice!

    - Ken
    10-10-09 01:01 PM
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    Hi Ken,

    were you able to get an answer for your question, i am in exactly the same situation with 2 days that i tried all the three that you mentioned but cannot get to a conclusion.

    did you ever get an answer?

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