1. tcerny's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    for some of you this may be stupid but I really need some help here.
    I am using my BB with BIS on Vodafone network. I have recently started using calendar a lot as my schedule is busy (college, work, hobbies etc) As a BIS user, there is no option of syncing my BB and MacBook wirelessly but with some help of USB and Desktop Manager. Of course, you can use google sync or other methods. I've tried it, but stopped after 2 days of using it. It kept messing with either iCal or BB cal and now wit OS X Lion you can't even sync Address Book. So I put my hands off it.

    Anyway, back to my issue. I am simply looking for some way to use my BB in full and I am afraid it's not possible unless you have BES.

    I don't have exchange server, i don't even use a hosted one and BES license isn't really a cheap thing. I heard about BES express though which is for free. But hello, my IT knowledge isn't that good to run exchange server and just install BES express on it. I don't even want it for 50 people, I want it only for myself,one user, to be able to sync (two way) my iCal (multiple calendars), Address Book and notes with my BB over the air like BES does. I would simple make an exchange account in both ical and address book and then sync it with bb. That would do it, wouldn't it?

    Could anyone help me with this stupid thing please?
    11-11-11 05:11 PM
  2. jasonvw's Avatar
    I sync my address book with lion just fine.

    As for calendars, the only option for wireless syncing seems to be google. It works perfectly fine for me on my bb and with iCal on lion. Though I really dont use it anymore, getting rid of google.

    As for setting up bes, you'll also need to setup exchange and with that active directory. Or lotus domino.
    11-12-11 12:12 AM
  3. get2nikhil's Avatar

    I am also facing a similar problem. I have the latest OS on my Mac, the latest Blackberry Desktop software and latest OS on my Bold 9780.

    I cannot send my Address Book contacts from my Mac to the Blackberry handset. This problem has started since I shifted from Snow Leopard to Lion on the Mac OS.

    jasonvw, are there any specific settings to be done for address book sync?
    11-22-11 01:52 AM