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    Guys in the know,

    Need some help. I recently purchased the new Bold 9700 and want to use it in place of my company issued 8830WE that is on the BES system. I am on the Telus network.

    How do I go about making this change? The following is what I believe is the correct process. Can someone please verify?

    1) Ask Telus to change the ESN from the 8830 to the 9700 so that voice (i.e. phone calls) now go to the new 9700.

    2) Use the device change/swap feature in desktop manager to move all data from 8830 to 9700.

    My question is, will desktop manager swap out the BES connection as well so that I can get my corporate emails on the new device? (Obviously I will be connected to the network when doing this)

    OR, will I need to manually enter a password (which I get from IT). I recalled when the dealer provided me with a replacement hardware it was connected to the BES right away when I synced with DM.

    The kicker in all this is that since the 9700 is so new, it's not a so called supported device yet... so IT says. I don't think the hardware is any less secure than the current Tour model they are supporting.

    In a nutshell, will my swap work and can it be done smoothly.

    Thanks in advance
    11-14-09 01:08 AM
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    Only your IT department can activate the password for your BES connection. you sound like you know what you are doing so maybe if you can email someone from the IT department this weekend, they can activate a password and you can manually enter it yourself and intialize your device to the BES server yourself.

    the only issue i can see is that your Tour is not running OS 5.0 and your 9700 is, so i do not know about any issues if the BES server is not upgraded to BES 5.0 if that will cause any issues. Good luck.
    11-14-09 07:31 AM
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    Thanks... one more question...

    IF my BB desktop manager is connected to the corporate network and is fully functional and able to update my existing BB with all contacts and corporate info...

    will using the change new handset feature on the desktop manager be able to re-establish the new handset onto the BES automatically IF the desktop manager still remains hooked-up to the corporate network?

    11-15-09 11:36 PM
  4. fkornre's Avatar
    Sorry, I do not know the answer to that question. I have never needed to use desktop manager. I do everything I need to from the device only.
    11-18-09 03:06 PM