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    Hey everyone, sorry if this was already asked, I'm away from my desk using Tapatalk and not getting any good search results....

    My friend is leaving her current job where she has a company BB on BES. But she has also used it as a personal phone for a long time, and therefore has a ton of contacts/texts/pics on it she wants to keep...

    Can I back up her info with DM even tho its on BES? She said she tried before and it didn't recognize it, but she's not very tech savvy. I believe its an older Curve (with the trackpad) not sure of the exact model, and I'm pretty sure its running OS 5.something

    Thanks in advance!

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    02-14-12 12:42 PM
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    I'm a BES user and used to routinely backup my 9650 using Desktop Manager. I'm not a BES admin, and I don't know if it is possible for an IT policy to block Desktop Manager backups, but I haven't heard of it. It probably is possible. There isn't much the BES admin can't do.
    02-16-12 07:38 AM