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    I'm trying to sync music from my pc to my playbook. Playbook loads and is recognized by BDM properly, I then go to "Music" and select all the playlists I want.

    For some odd reason BDM is not picking all songs, specifically I realized there's one artist BDM isn't loading, I think it might even be intentional due to the fact that not only do the songs don't appear inside two different playlists, I also tried a global search for the name of the artist and it wouldn't come up.

    I've had that music in my playlists and library for weeks now, all the files are .mp3, I don't know if this might be happening for other artists/songs.

    I'm running OS 2.10.560 and BDM v. - Bundle 60 (which is the latest version when writing this).
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    08-30-12 01:12 AM
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    I just noticed it also happens with more songs, could this be DRM related?
    10-14-12 09:40 AM