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    These were the steps I took using Mac OS X, Leopard:

    1) I went to the bluetooth settings on the 8130 and made it discoverable.
    2) Go to system settings on your mac, click on bluetooth, click on set up new bluetooth device, choose cell phone, and then let it go through the steps.
    3) WHEN IT ASKS "access the internet using the phone's data connection", UNCHECK THIS OPTION. The system kept hanging up everytime I tried that option.
    4) You should now have the 8130 paired to your Mac and it should show up in your bluetooth menu.

    5) Go to system preferences and choose bluetooth again. You should see the 8130 in the column on the left.
    6) Click on the 8130 and then click on "configure this device," using the little gear icon at the bottom of the column on the left.
    7) Choose "access the internet using the phone's data connection."
    8) Click on "continue"
    9) For phone vendor, choose "other"
    10) Under phone model, choose "Verizon Support PC 5220" (even if you're using Sprint)
    11) Leave the username, password, and phone # blank.
    12) Go back to system preferences and choose "network"
    13) Click on bluetooth
    14) Click on "add configuration"
    15) Call it Sprint
    16) Under telephone number, put in #777
    17) Leave everything else blank
    18) Click on "apply"
    19) That's it! You can now use the 8130 to connect to the internet. Go back to network, choose bluetooth, and then click on "connect." It should take about 10 seconds and you're good to go!
    10-02-09 12:14 AM