1. nusk's Avatar
    I have just gotten a Mac for the first time. Now I would like to sync my BB and my ical and adressbook om my mac, but I would like to put all the stuff on my BB into my ical and mac adressbook.. How can I do that ????
    I have a BB curve 8520 and an macbook pro ..
    HELP !
    I installed blackberry desktop manager yesterday, but the only thing that I managed to do was to erease all the notes in my BB callender !!!!!!!
    does anyone know how to get it back by the way..

    HELP !
    01-13-11 05:35 AM
  2. lestags's Avatar
    first of all, you should back-up your blackberry before trying anything with a new computer - in your case, your macbook pro. this is so that you can restore your blackberry info from the back-up file.

    since you already deleted all information from your curve, you should first choose to "restore from back-up" using desktop manager.

    after this, try syncing again.

    when you hook up your bb curve to your macbook, run the desktop manager. before doing anything. you'll see to the left-side panel "summary". here you'll see "calendar", "contacts", "notes", "tasks".. etc. When you select CALENDAR (for example, in the center/main panel, you'll see "SYNC CALENDAR". You should sync TWO-WAY (option with the 2 green arrows). This should work already.

    I am also a new macbook user, and so far this worked for me.


    Hope this helps.
    03-29-11 08:11 AM
  3. abu2711's Avatar

    I've been having problems sync'ing my Mac Book Pro & my BB for the last week. The two devices were working fine, but something has changed recently.

    I've attached a screen shot of the error message that I keep getting. At first the sync started deleting some of my notes, now nothing is sync'ing at all (Contacts, Calendar, Notes etc).

    I've tried many different things to resolve it, including turning off wireless sync, adjusting settings and re-installing Desktop Manager.

    Help!! Please!!
    11-14-11 03:32 AM