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    Hi all,

    Yesterday, I saw an update was available for Blackberry Link so I went ahead and installed it. After that, when I plugged my Blackberry Q5 with OS, I couldn't get the immediate access to my SD as it was the case before, and I couldn't sync my phone with BB Link, getting a "cannot communicate with device" message. Clicking on reconnect did nothing. On my phone, what I got was "no driver found on computer." Clicking on "install driver" would prompt me to install Blackberry Blend, which I didn't have.

    So I went to the official blackberry servers to download the full BB Desktop package and installed again BB Link, Blend and the drivers. I rebooted, to no effect. I uninstalled the package, checked Windows' Device Manager to be sure no driver labeled Blackberry remained, rebooted, installed the package again, rebooted... to no avail. I did that multiple times.

    The only thing I could get from my phone is a drive that works as a CD, aka, it's just an installer for an older version of Blend, Link and the drivers. I've tried using this version after uninstalling the one I downloaded, but it didn't do any better.

    Now, the phone still wants and fails to install BB Blend, when I click on "install driver" on it, even though Blend is on the computer ! Attempting to connect it to BB Blend leads to a mere "cannot connect" message after some time. Or, occasionally, "cannot find network adapter. Please remove and reinstall Blackberry 10 Desktop Software applications."

    I also tried the solution that apparently worked for many persons, judging from google results, that is going to the Device Manager when the phone is plugged in and BB Link launched, then uninstall all the BB drivers, and let Link reinstall them cleanly. It didn't work.

    Another thing I tried was to disable Kaspersky (firewall + antivirus), but it didn't help.

    Now, there is no way I can access my phone. Even if I select "access the SD card", my computer detects some drive that it connect read. BB Links tells me to reload the OS, however this is something I would avoid doing. If it doesn't work, I will end up losing all my messages, files and contacts, without even being able to load the backups made through Link. So far, it looks like the issue stems from the computer, not the phone, since the update was installed on the computer. Nothing has changed on my phone, at least nothing is supposed to have changed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks in advance

    (btw : my computer OS is Windows 10, I did the update when it was released)
    09-22-15 09:55 AM
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    I got the exact same problem, ive been in touch with BlackBerry help for days and it comes to : contact microsoft...since the problem started since updating app on windows 10.

    We tried everyting you mentionned, even installed Blend on a different hard drive as the BlackBerry rep started thinking windows 10 didnt uninstall Blend properly.

    If you find a solution post it here, ill do the same.

    Posted via CB10
    09-22-15 08:50 PM
  3. Magean's Avatar
    [I am the OP, I've just created an account cause it'll help to discuss here]

    Well at least I'm not an isolated case, so that's still hope. Yet, isn't it even possible to downgrade ? Wipe out these drivers entirely and reinstall the old version that worked, even on Windows 10 ?
    09-22-15 10:28 PM
  4. WArcher's Avatar
    Hello, all.

    There may be a workaround for you: Go to BlackBerry Blend ? Desktop Software for BlackBerry - Canada and download that, please. It's a combination of LINK and the new BLEND software. You will also need to go to your BlackBerry World app on your phone and get a new copy of BLEND there, too (Blend, if you haven't tried it, is very powerful).

    However - before you go to too much trouble: I see that you're running which is really old in terms of updates. Most of the BB10 world is on 10.3.2.x - please check to see if you have a software update available to you.

    As for Windows 10: I spent the weekend re-installing Windows 7 on my laptop; the very latest "insider build" of Windows 10 corrupted a lot of things and it didn't support my display adapter. This may, possibly, be one of the reasons that you can't see your device any longer - you may need to try the method above to get the freshest drivers available for your USB connected BlackBerry.

    PS: "Blend" does not need a cable to see your SD card. You can access your BlackBerry as if it was in your hand - even if you left it at home.
    09-22-15 10:36 PM
  5. Magean's Avatar
    WArcher : thanks for your answer !

    I reply only now because my phone tried to install an OS update and failed multiple times last week. I eventually figured out that it lacked space on the SD card to do the update, so I had to free a few hundreds megabytes before proceeding. Unfortunately, even with the most recent OS, the issue persists.

    Moreover, the link you gave in your post has me download what I think is the exact same package I already tried (same name, since size).

    I also can't connect to Blend using the wifi.

    Anyway... I'm going to wait, if it is because of Windows 10, Microsoft will release an update sooner or earlier. Hopefully. The weird thing is that it worked in Win 10 until I updated BB Link, at what point the system stopped recognizing my device.
    09-28-15 11:15 PM

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