1. The Siege's Avatar
    I JUST downloaded BB DM for the first time and plugged my phone in and it said that about 15 new applications are due for updates. I downloaded BB DM 5.0 from online and my 8330 is only 4.5. BEcause the DM is 5.0 is it going to try to download updates that are 5.0 for my phone? Does it realize that i only have an 8330? Tell me whats going on! haha
    09-19-09 01:04 PM
  2. dandombrowski's Avatar
    it's not going to try to download anything that is 5.0 for you phone. the upgrades are probably just regular updates to the apps you have on the phone. they will not be 5.0 updates. the only 5.0 app you are capable of putting on you phone right now is BBM. hope this helps.
    09-19-09 03:05 PM