1. anonyjjang's Avatar
    Has anyone tried the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 on 8330?

    I have Bold 9000, and I now see that it automatically downloads the latest device software regardless of the which vendor I use.

    I need to upgrade my friend's BB, which is 8330 (not m version) Bell Mobility. What I wonder is if I connect this device to the Desktop Software, it will do the same.

    Or should I use the old method of downloading exe file from another vendor, remove the vendor.xml file and use loader?
    11-05-10 06:54 AM
  2. T
    I tried it and found that it played very well with my 8330m. I did notice that it did in fact do the automatic check for software each time I connected the device (just like the older versions). Although I liked DTS6, I ended up uninstalling it and downgrading to DM5, as 6 does not yet have the capability to encrypt pictures as they're being transferred to the media card.
    11-05-10 08:27 AM