1. mightyjet's Avatar
    Here is the deal. I recently hooked my blackberry to my fiance's desktop manager on her computer and did a update to my 8310 i have at&t. She has a Storm with verizon and yesterday when she was trying to set up her media manager it completely erased her info. Not knowing she did a restore from the file from the date i synced my phone and all of my contacts were on her phone. She called customer support and they told her anyone with a blackberry if they do a restore from your desktop manager will have all of your info on their blackberry device. I was under the impression the computer would recognize the pin and would not do that but do anyone know how this works. She is under the impression that all of her info including emails is on my bb device.
    06-07-09 02:48 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    She can put your backup onto her device but would have to do it manually. Same goes for you. Thats why when you have multiple devices doing backups its a good idea to name the backup before you save it. Her info will not be on your device unless you do it manually. It wont go on there just because she put yours on hers. All she has to do is wipe her device and restore her backup.
    06-07-09 03:00 PM