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    Problem: installed BB desktop manager for Mac version 1.03 - while syncing to my BB 8530 Curve 8530 (Sprint) all calendar entries on my Mac were marked for deletion. foolishly i did synch and found totally blank calendars (contacts/tasks etc..) o.k. Just iCal CALENDAR!

    Finally able to restore data from SuperDuper and TimeMachine backup. Uninstalled new version 1.03 went back to 1.02 - now when I try to synch with my BB Cruve, shows me it wants to DELETE 348 entries in my calendars again. Strangely what's on my BB Curve remains but there are numerous duplicate entries. Am afraid to synch again for fear I may lose what has been restored to iCal. Anyone have nay idea what's going on. Right now using 1.02 thought that wouldhelp me walk this dog back, sadly it didn't!

    Is there a way when synch details comes up to remove items from the "to be deleted" list under detail. Have searched all over with no joy.
    Am in real trouble here since I can no longer synch the BB Curve calendar with my iCal on my Mac...(BTW am using latest version of Snow Leopard and no troulbe with this until i installed the updated BB desktop manager.

    Someone/anyone - help!!!!
    04-24-10 03:04 PM