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    Hi: 1st time poster/1st time BB user.

    I have a new BBCurve from T-Mobile (83xx) and managed (after several tries) to get Desktop 4.70_b050 on Vista Bus x86 sp1 with Office 2007 sp1 (using Windows Mail and Address Book, not Outlook).

    I had added about 5 contacts to the Curve before connecting to my desktop.

    I performed an initial bi-directional synchronization of my contacts and it went smoothly, bringing 621 contacts into the BB and copying the 5 new contacts into Vista...sweet!

    I didn't add any more contacts to either the computer or the Curve, and today I plugged the Curve back into the computer and ran desktop manager. It immediately started reading first the Curve and then the Windows Address Book, and then a "Confirm Address Book Edits" window popped up saying:

    "The following changes from Address Book Device will be applied to your Windows Address Book/Mail data in Address Book: 621 Change(s)"

    I'm not sure what changes it wants to make...when I click the "details" button it looks like every record in the address book is to be changed...but I'm not sure what it's changing? And when I look at the details, it appears that all the "last name" entries from WAB are being mapped to "middle name" ...when they're in the "lastname" field in WAB.

    I hit "reject" to cancel the synch, but I'm wondering what I should do?

    After the synch completed, I looked at the Curve's contacts, and it looks like all the contacts came in with "firstname lastname" in the "first name" field in the Curve's contact manager.

    Did I mess up the initial import? What can/should I do to fix the problem and/or avoid the re-sync'ing every time the the BB's connected?
    12-17-08 10:08 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I suspect you may need to do some field mapping to insure the correct data fields are being carried over.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager / Synchronize. Click on the "Synchronization" link on the left of the window.

    That will bring up a screen that contains "Configure sync settings for my desktop program" and a button labeled Synchronization.

    The next screen is labeled Select Device Application and includes Address Book <---> ??? and a Setup... button. Select Windows Address Book/Email. Follow the prompts to complete the step.

    Select Address Book again and click the Advanced.... button. Field Mapping is at the page bottom. Review the mapping and correct as needed.

    When you are satisfied, use the One Way sync to update your device data. After that has completed, you can restore the Two Way sync for future updates.
    12-17-08 11:00 AM