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    Hi all,

    I am a new BB user, and I really love my new torch :-)
    Actually, my carrier have not activated my BB plan yet, so I was not able to activate it on my company BES using OTA.

    So I used the Blackberry Desktop aplication, and I activated it successfuly with USB. Now got my contact list, emails, etc ...
    As I do not get the email push yet over the carrier network, I use wifi when I am at work, so the BB is connected to the corporate network, and get access to our BES.

    My issue is the following :

    Every morning, when arriving at work, I activate the wifi on my BB, and it automaticaly pushes to my phone all the new emails received during the night ...
    BUT ... on my BB, those emails are all timestamped at the date/time of the synch, and not the real date time they were received on my Exchange Inbox ... So I see all emails as beeing received at 08:00, so they are not ordered ...
    Definitely not practical !

    So it it a normal behaviour, as I have never used a BB before ? Are the emails always timestamped at the time they are synched, and not at the time they are reveived on my Exchange mainbox ?
    Does it also means that, when I will get the OTA push, I'll get the same behaviour ? (so if I shutdown my BB for several days, all new emails will be timestamped at the time I will bring the BB up ?) ...

    Please tell me if it is normal or not, before I compain to my IT service :-)

    Paris, FR
    11-20-10 08:42 PM