1. AREK28's Avatar
    Hello all...

    I recently backed up and wiped my 9700 and installed OS on my device....

    I then downloaded BBM into my device and then restored the backup using DM....

    My problem is that I lost several BBM Contact Categories... I had previously had 7 categories and I'm now left with only 2 categories....!!

    This has happened before when I wiped and restored phone from a DM backup... but usually when I used the advanced DM restore feature to restore only the phonebook and BBM contacts... it usually works... but this time.... my contact categories are permanently gone...!

    Anybody know a fix to this problem...?

    Please help... thanks in advance...
    01-28-10 02:33 AM
  2. philanthropy's Avatar
    way worse then my problem

    i restored my list and each time i've done it a different categories contacts deletes itself and asks me to re-invite the contacts...

    that **** is pissing me off
    02-04-10 07:42 AM
  3. loverbuzz's Avatar
    when updating, Just load the os with the BBM available in the OS. Then back up all your exsisting files.

    Then go to the bb browser and ota download bbm . 57.

    Should not be a problem.

    hope this helps.
    02-07-10 08:59 PM