1. njfirebuff's Avatar
    I have desk top 4.6 for blackberry bold 9000 installed. Somehow it is saving to an adobe file which obviously cannot be read with the blackberry. Current phone version but going to hopefully.
    What have I done wrong?
    I had a 7100i and if I can recall, the backup and restore would do exactly that - it would backup in the file and then automatically restore back to the phone.
    I cannot locate the original desk top software disc for the bold-I was going to delete it and then restore it
    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

    please e-mail direct to kevinobrien@att.blackberry.net and post for others in case they come across the same problem.

    I would also like to transfer the info from the original 2 gb card to a 4 gb card if someone could send simple and quick directions. I would appreciate it.

    kevin o'brien freehold nj
    08-31-09 10:07 AM