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    Now, I am having some problems with backing up.

    The backing up is all ok until when its trying to Backup Bluetooth Option which is still freeze there for a long2 time (maybe 10-15 mins) which I end up giving up and go ahead and unplug the USB. However, it will actually backup if I wait really long..

    Now, its not as if I am backing up HUGE amount of stuffs but why is it pausing on "Bluetooth Option"?

    Ok. Assuming that I managed to wait, it will eventually pop out an Warning Message saying

    "Error Backing up database(s).
    [OMA DM] 0 of 1 entries retrieved

    I tried clearing all the cache on the browser, restart my computer, uninstall and reinstall desktop manager and even perform a WIPE on my phone and yet those doesn't solve my problem.

    I am pretty much out of ideas on how to solve it.... Anyone can help?

    - Charles
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