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    I have a bit of an issue I am hoping you guys can assist me with, I have an idea for a solution that I will pass by everyone and see if I am right. I got a 9700 off of craig's list for a smoking price from a company that switched carriers and had a bunch to liquidate on there hands. So long story short they had the phones for 3 or 4 months so as you could imagine the hand set is in perfection condition.
    So I am a fortified 9000 user through and through but I figured since this 9700 was such a good price I would get it see what all the buzz is about and like a true bold user go back to my 9000 lol
    So here is my issue when I got the 9700 unboxed I played with it for a little then I was like ok time to get all my settings apps and contacts on this rig so I open desktop manager plug in my 9000 do a usual back up and sync and then plug in the 9700 and then I was prompted and asked if I would like to add the 9700 to my array of BB profiles and transfer the data and settings from another handset in which I say yes to and then I had to swap back to the 9000 it d/l'ed all the info to DM and then I plugged the 9700 back in as prompted and it loaded up.
    Well upon restart it booted normal and everything was and then all the sudden in DM it said "fatal exception file is not compatible with current OS of handset" so I hit ok restart the 9700 and the OS loaded ok but the home screen is completely screwed and has tiny tiny icons and is basically useless.
    So at this point I am like whatever I will just wipe it and load back the OS, which I began to do and it all was going well and loaded but right at the end I received an error saying it couldn't load a specific file of the OS to the phone due to an error so the phone is now as expected due to the incomplete OS loading gets stuck at the BB screen half full progress bar.
    So my idea is a full and complete OS wipe so there is nothing on the phone and then a reload of the OS but my question is how do you do a "hard wipe"?
    I thought the good old fashion security wipe didn't really do what I was expecting, any help would be greatly appreciated

    Reporting from the never faltering 9000

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    03-30-11 11:14 AM
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    No takers??

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    03-31-11 10:20 AM
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    03-31-11 10:27 AM
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    thank you, I haven't seen the BB 302 article before and that nails it, here goes nothing!

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    03-31-11 12:12 PM