1. crilot's Avatar
    Every time I start up the desktop manager, I get a windows installer message telling me to install apploader.msi . I already have the app loader installed (I assume) as I can load apps on to my phone once I cancel the 5 popups that occur. If I disconnect and reconnect my phone I get one further pop up.

    My setup:
    I have a blackberry curve 8310, device version Blackberry Desktop version Windows Vista 32 bit. Installed on Admin account, run on a standard user account.

    Theory as to why this is happening:
    I installed the desktop software as an administrator, but I sync it using a different standard windows account. So I think what is happening is that it is not looking for the app loader in the right place, thinks it is not installed and so pops up the dialog.

    What I have tried so far:
    - I have searched my whole computer and cannot find an apploader.msi anywhere and neither did I find one on the installation disc.
    - Reinstalled multiple times, including a manual reinstall removing all registry keys.
    03-03-11 07:03 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Have you tried right clicking the icon and then choosing run as admin?
    03-03-11 07:09 AM
  3. crilot's Avatar
    I have UAC disabled as I have other software that does not work well when it is enabled, so don't have access to that option.

    I should point out that this was all working fine until a couple of weeks ago.
    03-03-11 03:31 PM