1. ahoward86's Avatar
    Hey I just downloaded the .230 software for the storm but my app loader isn't showing it when i go to put it on any help??
    09-28-09 10:26 PM
  2. kbizzles's Avatar
    If you are using DM and then clicking on App loader that is your issue. Also You want to make sure that you have any old OS installed on your computer removed. Go into your control panel and programs and be sure that you only have 5.0.0 Device software installed only and delete the RIM internal Tools. (besides DM of course). Then go to my computer, C:/, Program Files, Common Files, Research in Motion, app loader then scroll down to the bottom delete the Vendor.xml file then double click on the loader icon and install that way. Don't forget to backup using DM before install. Good luck..
    09-28-09 10:49 PM