1. eds817's Avatar
    There has been leaked versions of DM7 going back to last summer.

    I tried it a couple of times but every time I attempted to sync my 9700 or 9900 it said it was syncing but never finished and never synced.

    Has anyone heard when it will become official?

    I spoke with BB support in December and was told it would be out right after the first of the year. Here we are in Feb and still nothing.
    02-13-12 06:34 AM
  2. dfb8085's Avatar
    I am wondering the same thing. I have DM7 on my XP machine and it worked I suppose but I really was just waiting on an update for it as opposed to deleting and reinstalling DM6 but I haven't used it since the first time. I use my wife's win7 machine which has DM6 on it backup both our backberries. I checked the blackberry site yesterday and DM7 is still not back on their site.
    04-03-12 10:00 AM
  3. joeldf's Avatar
    DM 7 was official back in mid February for, like, maybe a day and a half before it was pulled because of all the problems.

    A month and a half later and they obviously haven't fixed it yet. And how long was this in beta before they even went official in the first place?

    Seems to be taking way too long. I think Microsoft has written a whole new operating system and released a developer preview and a public beta in about the same amount of time that DM 7 has been languishing.
    04-04-12 12:30 PM