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    I've been reading posts in this forum for about two hours but don't see this exact problem. I'm on page 16 (526 to 560 of 850 posts) and I give up. I really have tried to find the solution so please don't chastise me if I missed it along the way. I really need your help!

    I backed up my Tour using Desktop Manager with no problems. I picked up my replacement phone (after the carrier finally agreed there was an internal browser problem) and then proceeded to restore the data.

    Everything (contacts, calendar, bookmarks, etc.) restored perfectly but NONE of my Media items came through. No pictures, no music, no apps; apparently everything that was on the Media Card. And, I don't see the Media Card data anywhere via the Desktop Manager. Should the carrier have "exchanged" the Media Card so that I kept it with the new device?

    Shouldn't the Media Card data have backed up automatically when I performed the back up? If there were additional steps necessary, wouldn't Desktop Manager have prompted me during the back up? Trying to understand for a current solution and for future reference.

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help

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    12-17-09 09:09 AM
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    just trying to understand the situation here.
    you had media saved to an sd card on your original tour, and when you swapped out at the store, they didn't give you back your sd card?

    dm doesn't back up data that is stored to the media card because it's a removable device that only needs to be physically transferred from one bb to another. if you didn't get your sd card back when you swapped out your phone, call the store right away and tell them they have your card. hopefully they didn't already send the phone off with the card still inserted, because you won't get that back and you will lose everything on it for good.
    12-19-09 02:02 PM
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    remove the card and slide it back in i had a similar problem recently and this worked.
    12-19-09 02:12 PM
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    THANKS wacky and tfink!!! I didn't realize anyone had responded!! I checked for a day or two and didn't see any posts! (I thought I had it set up to notify me if anyone responded, but I guess not!!) I came back today to update my orig post and found your responses. Thanks again!!

    So, here's the latest.....I had already thought to contact the carrier (thanks anyway wacky!) and they DID still have the sd card. (Btw, when I originally picked up the replacement phone, I specifically asked the vzw rep if I needed to keep the sd card and she said NO. Said as long as I had backed up my device thru DM, all the data would still be there when I restored thru DM. Wellllll, I got my pics back (yay!!!), I got my music back (yay!!!), but NO APPs! I can "see" them on the media card when I "explore" the memory via the device, but they're not in my Downloads folder. When I try to open an app from the Media Card folder, I get "Unable to Display.". When I try to move an app,(like to device memory or a new folder, I get "File System Error." And, I can't find them at all in DM.

    Any ideas?? I know I can just download the apps again but I have a lot of them and I'm trying to find a quicker solution. Plus, theyre taking up space on my sd card even tho I can't access them. Thanks again in advance. I LOVE the crackberry forums and have learned so much from them. You guys rock!!!

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    12-21-09 03:59 AM
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    Thanks for bringing your thread to our attention.

    There are two types of third party applications. One installed directly into your BlackBerry using the cell network, BlackBerry Apps World is a good example. It can be use to Archive an applications, saving it to your media card to speed up future restores.

    The other type requires you to download and save the files, from there, you can install them to your BlackBerry. I presume you have those files in your media card.

    Good thing you were able to recover the card. As you now know, it is where your media is saved.
    12-30-09 04:01 PM