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    Before I screw things up I thought I would ask first. Ok....I have DM version 5.0.1 on my pc (XP) and it has always worked just fine with my 9650. NOW I have the 9930 and and was wondering if I should now update my DM to version 6.1.0. I guess my main concern is the drivers.

    Now....I open DM and I show the option to update to DM 6.1.0. Do I upgrade with my 9930 connected OR unconnected to DM? Or doesn't it make a difference? Thank you!
    03-31-12 09:15 AM
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    pls proceed with extreme caution. Good thing you asked first. I have the 9900, and like always, my DM always worked fine, even with my earlier bbs. However, sometime late last year, there was an update to DM, and like all curious and excited bb users, I did update.

    After that update, whenever i connected my 9900 to the DM to update my OS, I would always get the error "Handheld apploader wizard encountered a problem and needed to close."

    I can still back up and sync my files through BB Desktop Software, but not update the OS. Going to loader.exe to bypass BB Desktop Software encounters the same problem. I have uninstalled, restarted my pc and reinstalled BB Desktop Software, to no avail. I have raided the forums and BB support for solutions, but without success.

    This may be a problem with XP. Good thing i have a Vista laptop. That's what i use now to update my OS.
    03-31-12 09:37 AM
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    I would update DM to the latest version. Do this with the device unplugged.

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    03-31-12 10:41 AM
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    Update you DM to the latest with out the phone.
    03-31-12 10:45 AM