1. xxxmrbluntsxxx's Avatar
    Desktop manager 6 or 6.1 has problems with my 9780. For instance when I want to safely remove hardware it says cannot stop rite now try again later. The only way to disconnet is to close desktop manager. At times when I connect to or disconnect from dm it shuts down and bla bla bla send error report to microsoft. I had 6.0.0285 now I have Has anyone had this problem?

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    01-30-11 10:51 PM
  2. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    I never ever use the safely remove hardware.....never had a problem

    As long as you are smart enough to not remove your device from the USB while some data is being copied from it or to it. then no need to remove hardware. just remove it
    01-31-11 03:42 AM