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    Does anyone know how to configure synchronization, through the Blackberry Desktop Manager, to not delete entries for dates earlier than a specified date?

    I recently set myself up for synching my Yahoo! Calendar with my Storm 9530 Calendar, using Blackberry Desktop Manager. The original synch-up went without problems, and the next couple of synchs went without problem as well. Then it started telling me (in the list of affected items shown before I accept the synch) that it would be deleting existing entries, many of which were entries ranging from 11/08 through the beginning of 09/09. I need to preserve that history, so I don't want it to automatically delete anything. I can't find any place in the configuration where I can tell it to do adds and changes only. It won't let me approve or reject specific actions, so if I don't allow the deletions, I can't update the additions or changes either.

    Any clues very much appreciated!

    thanks, Steve
    09-14-09 05:40 PM