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    -Plug 8900 in to desktop with USB cable
    -Enter PIN into desktop manager
    -8900 Screen flashes arrow from desktop icon to BB icon (as normal)...
    -...then everything hangs up
    -No response from BB or Desktop Manager until I unplug it from USB

    This has happened since I plugged my new 9700 in at the same time to migrate my data/settings. I was able to run a backup, but it just grabbed data from the new device (all 800k of it), not the ~10megs I had on my old device. When I plugged them both in, DM flashed a message that I cannot copy between the devices. I assume this is part of an IT policy, as the old 8900 is registered with BES.

    What I've tried:
    -Hard reboot of desktop and of blackberry
    -reinstalled (newly-downloaded) desktop manager
    -tried desktop manager on a different machine

    What search turned up:
    Three threads that suggested a DM reinstall.

    Does anyone have a suggestion? This *looks* like a hardware problem, but just may be the BB trying to protect itself against what an IT policy prevents. Should I try registering the new device with the BES?

    Currently, my SIM is in the new device. Would it help to move it back over, hard reboot, then try? All I want is a backup of what's on there now to import into my new device. My last backup is from about 1 month ago.
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    Update: I spoke with my carrier's BB support. We couldn't find a way to pull information off the device, as it is now locking up as soon as radio traffic starts, too. I can move around the interface as long as the SIM is out and radio turned off, so I'll just move my new contacts over manually.
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