1. dile12's Avatar
    This is getting me crazy ... this is the worst moment for RIM on the market and after the disaster of the 7/44 pack they come out with the 7/60 that ... seems also worst ???
    Are they crazy ?
    BB is supposed to be used mainly to business people like me that sync at least two times a day , morning and evening and RIM ... doasn't care about the Sync program ?
    They deserve to disappear from the market ... anyway , be aware that the 7/60 simply ... doasn't work ! And when it works simply takes around 15 minutes to sync (with a lot of errors every time) the same calendar and contacts that 6.1 syncs in less than 1 minute so ... don't upgrade and stay with the old 6.1. Ciao MAX
    06-15-12 03:09 AM
  2. lborgal's Avatar
    I totally agree. I downloaded 7/44 and it was a disaster. Repaired everything and went back to 6 which works perfectly. Then was stupid enough to try 7/60: it does NOT work. Now I am wasting more time rebuilding files to get 6 working again. I have had Blackberry since they started but they have finally lost me. It is sad to see a company implode like this.
    06-28-12 09:09 PM
  3. dile12's Avatar
    yeah ... crazy indeed and ... it's also very funny that no web-site it's talking about this ! I have also an ipod that I use only for music and my sons have iphones and we all use itunes sync since 15 years and ... nothing like this never happened , itunes regulary upgrades itself and it's always working ! Maybe it's time for RIM to hire some other company to build them a simple sync program ... maybe Apple ? I'm so pissed off about this , everybody is talking only on BB10 and ... RIM is not even able to make their sync program work ... mah ... maybe a good move could be to sell the RIM EMAIL NET to Apple that at least know how to make software ...
    07-04-12 06:37 AM
  4. joeldf's Avatar
    It's been problem free for me on two different computers.

    The brief one-day release a few months back was a disaster, but the latest release has actually been just fine.
    07-04-12 02:45 PM