1. Sandman333's Avatar
    No, nothing to do with your two girlfriends. I'm trying to set up sync between Outlook 2010, my BB, and Google. I have Google Sync on both my computer and BB. I have it set to sync contacts and calendars (mine and my wife's) between the BB and Google and again between BB and Outlook for Contacts.

    Question: If I set Google sync and Desktop Manager (Outlook) to sync calendar appointments with my BB, and Google Calendar and Outlook already sync calendars, is that going to cause problems? There are rules that I can specify for 2 way sync as to which device wins, but nothing for a 3 way. I'd like to be able to enter appointments anywhere (Google Calendar, Outlook, or my BB) and have them show on the other two.

    I use Google sync in order to see my wife's calendar. She has an Android phone and is hooked on it. Google Sync works perfectly and I can see her appointments and get notifications on my phone reference her calendar.
    07-05-11 10:48 PM
  2. MillerBerry's Avatar
    I tried to do this months ago because you're right - it would be great if it worked that way. But I never found a way to avoid duplications. I read through forums at several sites hoping somebody found a way to make it work, but I never found one. Something quirky in Google that wouldn't pick up stuff added in the BB or on Outlook.

    I finally gave up. Now I sync my BB w/ Google and then sync Outlook with the BB. It's clunky, but it cuts down on duplications.

    Maybe with Outlook moving to the cloud it will work differently...? Maybe somebody else has found a solution. I hope so.
    07-06-11 12:17 AM