03-11-13 05:41 PM
3,026 ... 678910 ...
  1. j8330's Avatar
    ITS ME !!!!!!!!!!!!
    02-13-13 07:32 PM
  2. tmurphx5's Avatar
    What does a CrackBerry addict have to do to get a beer Z10 around here
    02-13-13 07:42 PM
  3. doggy10's Avatar
    Hi crackberry nation and hello Kevin. I am entering these contests in hopes of winning. I am obsessed (as my wife would say) with blackberry, bb10, and of course crackberry.com. Now the reason I would love to win a z10 is because I am starting a video blog or vlog and my goal is to get 100 people to switch, come back or upgrade to a new blackberry z10 or even a q10 when it comes out. Now I am at 6 people so far but what I would love to do is have a z10 that I can video people using while I record the whole thing on my z10. I want nothing more then for blackberry to succeed and the way I see it is if I can get more people into bb10 devices then that can only help. I believe in blackberry and in bb10. It's such an awesome NEW os and everyone needs to see what it can do. Thank you for any consideration and can't wait to see the new crackberry site. Gold luck on the switch and thank you everyone else at crackberry.com (staff and members) for all that you do.

    BlackBerry forever!!!

    02-13-13 07:50 PM
  4. billsterjito's Avatar
    Im in. Lovin CB.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-13-13 08:16 PM
  5. Jedi_Blackberry's Avatar
    Yee Haw!!!! Another chance to win a Z10! Blackberry's rock and Crackberry is the bomb! Keep up the good work!!
    02-13-13 08:23 PM
  6. InspectahMorgan's Avatar
    i wouldn't mind to be redesigned with a Z10 in hand
    02-13-13 08:43 PM
  7. arkaroola's Avatar
    Crackberry is fun again People are excited about the Z10. Folks are helping each other out. The community is coming back. Its good to see.
    CrackBerry Kevin likes this.
    02-13-13 08:54 PM
  8. marvynw's Avatar
    Count me in...keep the hard work up crackberry!!!
    02-13-13 09:12 PM
  9. SiR_JDM's Avatar
    This is why I'm always on this forum, all the latest info,news and best of all Crackberry contests that you guys do for all of us.

    02-13-13 09:26 PM
  10. FRG_RC's Avatar
    You're so awesome!

    Obviously I'm in!

    Edit: At last 100 post! Yay!
    02-13-13 09:34 PM
  11. terrillrose's Avatar
    Winning the Z10 would be amazing! Thanks Crackberry Kevin.
    P.s. Here's a picture of my BlackBerry totin' hot hillbilly husband (ilikebacon on the forums)
    02-13-13 10:00 PM
  12. anthonemorris's Avatar
    loving the new design on the cb forums app. wouldn't mind a new bb z10 either. thanks for consideration

    Sent from my CrackBerry 9780 using CB Forums App
    02-13-13 10:33 PM
  13. mphillips828's Avatar
    Redesign is going to be amazing! Love the new forums as well!
    02-13-13 10:57 PM
  14. sheeraz_aa's Avatar
    Wagwan, it be impossible to win but still trying will not matter.
    02-13-13 11:32 PM
  15. kae77's Avatar
    So many contests Love it!
    02-13-13 11:52 PM
  16. Yosaki's Avatar
    Can't wait for the new redesign!!! I'm liking the new forum redesign already.
    02-13-13 11:53 PM
  17. usuraj's Avatar
    I might just get a BBZ10 in India much before the launch. Thanks Kevin and CB. Have been following CB for more than 2 years ie since the time I bought my Curve 9300. *Fingers Crossed*
    02-14-13 12:12 AM
  18. Kulluminatii's Avatar
    Why hello there new contest for a Z10, yes...I would like to enter!
    02-14-13 01:50 AM
  19. avokodo's Avatar
    Ah your so awesome Kevin ! Blackberry Forever!!!!
    02-14-13 02:34 AM
  20. bbloyal's Avatar
    My girlfriend needs one. Happy wife, happy life. Nuff said.
    02-14-13 06:11 AM
  21. ruvcan's Avatar
    pick me!!!
    02-14-13 06:26 AM
  22. ewakil12's Avatar
    Please pick me!!!
    02-14-13 06:29 AM
  23. ubermanx's Avatar
    So far the CB10 app is my most used downloaded app on my Z10 to be sure. Keep up the good work.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-14-13 06:31 AM
  24. JordanLehigh's Avatar
    I would like my wife to have a ZED10 but her contract isn't up for 2years so it's toll expensive right now but we could handle the admin fee if we won a free device here. Cracker berry is awesome!

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-14-13 06:34 AM
  25. Barljo's Avatar

    I know it's kind of your job and stuff, but thanks for everything you do here. This is currently the only forum of any sort I visit, your podcast is on my podtrapper (I am happy to prove by screen shot if necessary!) and the CB feed by far the most active on my Google Reader.

    Without CB, I wouldn't have even been tempted to write an app - got such a buzz from it!

    Thanks again (man, it's hard to type with fingers crossed!)
    CrackBerry Kevin likes this.
    02-14-13 06:34 AM
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