03-11-13 05:41 PM
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  1. hlavicka's Avatar
    Good job with new design!
    03-07-13 12:34 AM
  2. winter_hat's Avatar
    There's no way I haven't won at least one of these contest. Then someone puts my name back in the hat because they know I have a Z10. Well, that's not fair. I can certainly use a 2nd! GIVE IT UP!
    03-07-13 12:37 AM
  3. khl's Avatar
    Congrats on the launch of the new site. It looks awesome!
    03-07-13 12:38 AM
  4. curve8310's Avatar
    Me want a red or a white one
    03-07-13 12:39 AM
  5. HedoBum's Avatar
    Love the new site so far...forums might use some CSS tweaking, but so far, the overall site is lookin pretty slick!
    03-07-13 12:39 AM
  6. romulusiulian's Avatar
    great! want a BlackBerry Z10 so give it to me. Keep the good work and keep the contests coming!
    03-07-13 12:42 AM
  7. Ghouston's Avatar
    The site looks great. Hope I get the Z10!
    03-07-13 12:49 AM
  8. Christine85's Avatar
    Site is looking good! Now I gotta get use to it LOL
    03-07-13 12:52 AM
  9. dfeliciana's Avatar
    Yes this contest launched on my birthday! 3/6/1977! Would be a fitting Bornday gift for ME!
    03-07-13 01:11 AM
  10. maqsbb's Avatar
    Thanks to Kevin and his team for pushing things forward! I like the new site although I find that my 9900 struggles with its functionalities. I guess every crackberry reader should adopt BB 10 devices as soon as possible
    03-07-13 01:33 AM
  11. mgmft's Avatar
    I'd give the Z10 a good home!
    03-07-13 01:34 AM
  12. alaskabennett's Avatar
    CB 10 is really beautiful. I need a Z10 to do the new site justice : ) Seriously, I have one of the few BB's among my extended group of friends and colleagues. I have been looking forward to acquiring the Z10, so I could convert all of them to BB10! I might not be able to begin the mission when the Z10 launches, though, unless I am fortunate enough to win a Z10. (It doesn't look like there will be any BlackBerry Experience Forums in Alaska, either). Thank you for continuing to post great content and for rolling out a beautiful new site!
    03-07-13 02:03 AM
  13. CDM76's Avatar
    This contest isn't listed on the "Contests" page yet ....
    03-07-13 02:09 AM
  14. cemotyz09's Avatar
    Finally site looks good sign me up for a Z10
    03-07-13 02:24 AM
  15. Leini81's Avatar
    Site looks great!! Pick me to win the Z10...
    03-07-13 02:42 AM
  16. maxdaniels's Avatar
    Wow, great new layout! I love the colors. The general look&feel is very close to what the new BlackBerry is offering.

    About the prize:

    I really need a Z10, I am a developer. Until now I developed for Android and converted some of my apps to *.bar files for BlackBerry 10. Right now I am working on my first BlackBerry 10 native app (Cascades framework) and I REALLY NEED the real device (the problem being that I'm a little short of money and cannot afford one at the moment, here they are sold for $1000).

    So, CrackBerry Team, please show your support for native BlackBerry 10 apps and give me a Z10

    P.S. It will be a great year for BlackBerry!
    03-07-13 02:43 AM
  17. Himanshpal's Avatar
    Hey Kevin, Its Himansh from India. dude i am really fan of you. the first thing i wake-up and do, is read crackberry.com.

    I am a stud developer & i am creating apps 4 BB10. would love to get the device from u. unfortunately i joined the party late so i don't have a dev alpha. if given i would able to test my apps on a real device. I cant afford to buy BB10 since its too much costly in India, i can buy a decent bike with that much of money. !

    the site is grt and i am loving it with the new responsive design applied, but i would love 2 give some suggestions based on what i see.
    1. The site is too heavy and takes much time to load, speed of internet is just too bad in our country.
    2. rather than reloading the page every-time whenever switching to another post select the from let/right navigation menu, the content should should dynamically change. since all other stuff is static and mostly doesn't change. xampl - the way the git & fb uses by using HTML5 History API and ajax i suppose.

    03-07-13 02:45 AM
  18. Solitaire72's Avatar
    would love to read CB on a new z10
    03-07-13 03:01 AM
  19. robindustygraves's Avatar
    I hope this is ushering in a new era. Thanks, robindustygraves.
    03-07-13 03:26 AM
  20. jke76's Avatar
    Absolutely loving the new site. Great job guys.
    03-07-13 03:57 AM
  21. Yellowfddriver's Avatar
    I've never had a BB and until they revealed the Zed10 with BB10...well now I really want one. I'd be glad to make the swap from iOS should I be able to get one

    By the way, the new site looks amazing! Well done!
    03-07-13 04:00 AM
  22. mychriz8's Avatar
    Maybe this time

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-13 04:03 AM
  23. husseinerol's Avatar
    New design, fonts, all of it. Awesome. Nice work!
    03-07-13 04:04 AM
  24. dipid's Avatar
    I'd be so happy if i win!!!
    03-07-13 04:08 AM
  25. Feeldak's Avatar
    As a newbie on Crackberry forum, I would be proud to be part of the Blackberry family with the z10. The last illustration of Kevin, before the launching of the new website, inspired me ! Enjoy all ! I don't know if I'm too used with the former design but the information in the new one isn't well viewable... Maybe have to explore more ! Nevermind good job Crackberry developpers !

    CrackBerry Redesign Contest - Win a BlackBerry Z10!!-crackberry-contest.jpg
    03-07-13 04:20 AM
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