08-04-13 10:22 PM
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  1. KermEd's Avatar
    BlackBerry doesn't have a store, it has a World!
    At best that's a marketing distinction.

    How does a World contain less apps than a Store? Because it's just an empty marketing term.

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    07-27-13 05:28 PM
  2. w0lfgang's Avatar
    As I've said for a few months now, Blackberry MUST do something similar to this Samsung move:

    Samsung Experience Shop - Best Buy

    VZW and ATT have clearly shown that they have NO interest in helping BB succeed. Stop relying on people who do not help you and consistently fail you.
    If BB had an "experience" shop INSIDE the carriers, a little booth staffed with BLACKBERRY associates, then we wouldn't have anymore stories of sales a**holes actively steering people away from BB
    07-27-13 05:55 PM
  3. w0lfgang's Avatar
    Also, in addition to the booth-in-the-store idea (which has a LOT less over head than an entire BB "store") get another 1000 BB vans and set them up in mall parking lots, best buy parking lots....lean, mean, mobile and quick..... way cheaper than a "store"
    I like that BB has the vans, I just don't think they are being utilized to their full potential
    07-27-13 06:03 PM
  4. mikecivic2003's Avatar
    With the launching of new hand phone and OS the next step for blackberry to do is to create more awareness. You will be surprise a lot of people still thinks blackberry is the old same thing. Their marketing need to be simple straight to the point with their products. The current advertisement ate great but it is meant for higher end people who understand the message and content. BlackBerry can learn a thing or two from Samsung on how they promote. To gain back corporate customers blackberry need to work with telco to have road shows on corporate companies, in fact many telco are doing that but they seldom promote blackberry. I emphasise on awareness because many people know blackberry but they are not aware of the new and improve BlackBerry. Trust me marketing campaign can change the tide. I have done so for my previous company. If I have the chance I would like to assist blackberry to prove my point. Cheers.

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    07-27-13 07:45 PM
  5. towngirl's Avatar
    Push it's specs in a "cool" way,that draws in the younger crowd but doesn't lose adults. Unfortunately, you have to appeal to adults AND kids. Media blitz. Brag & SHOW OFF YOUR STUFF!!! When ya got it, flaunt it!!

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    07-27-13 09:02 PM
  6. kylef5993's Avatar
    BlackBerry needs to change the image of BlackBerry. They need a new logo, a new brand image, a new personality, and a new direction for the company. They have resurrected BlackBerry as a company with BB10 which is great! ...But it's not the early 2000's anymore. This is 2013 and you have cutting edge devices that people are buying. These devices are bought for 4 reasons:

    1. The Brand Image
    2. The Apps
    3. The Camera
    4. The OS

    People bought iPhone because they were cool. Simple as that. BlackBerry should take advantage of people's stupidity and work more with musicians and actors to get the brand out there. This means more than hiring Alicia Keys for a job that really has no significance.

    I have recently switched from an iPhone to my Q10. Why you ask? Well I have had an Android device, an iPhone, and now a new BB10 device. What do I miss the most? The Apps. Android customization is cool but loses that really quickly. It has TONS of other features but they are only cool to grab people's attention; they aren't used often.

    The camera. This is obvious. Everyone loves taking pictures and capturing those special moments in life. Who wants to carry around a standalone camera when you have a smartphone that can take pictures, send pictures, and edit pictures?! My Q10's camera is good but honestly I think it doesn't compare to my iPhone 4S's camera (by the way that phone is over 2 years old). You need a camera that really WOWS people. Maybe not the Lumia's crazy 40 something megapixel camera but just something BETTER than average. Not just average.

    And the OS. I would say this could compete with brand image when it comes to selling a device. It all depends on the market. Young people will buy a cool, good looking (not plastic), feature filled phone. Older people want a simple and easy phone. They don't need all the extra stuff but it is there if they ever decide to use it. BlackBerry needs to make everything work SEEMLESSLY!!! BB10 just doesn't feel fluid in some cases. For example, I think BBM should be included into the messages app like iMessage. It requires NO extra work but allows the customers to take advantage of the service. I would be annoyed jumping between BBM and my texts.. why can't they just be together? Also, when you search a contact it asks you if want to actually open the contact in the contacts app... well of course I want to.. that's why I just searched the contact.. it just doesn't feel right. There are too many unnecessary steps. Another thing I think they need to work on is simplicity of the os. The active frames are cool but I really don't need that ugly little bar at the bottom telling me what the frame is. Almost 110% of the time you can tell what it is by looking at it. Getting rid of that would allow it to be bigger and overall just make your homescreen more appealing. My last request for BlackBerry in this post will be to change the camera button on the lock screen. Isn't the button there so that it doesn't take a long time to open the camera app? Do they realize that within the 2 seconds that I have to hold that down that I could unlock my phone and open the camera app? This isn't an unnecessary step but it just seems like BlackBerry put that button there just to be like every other operating system. They didn't actually think of WHY other systems have that button.

    BlackBerry, I have one message for you: People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I want you to stop making smartphones and tablets and I would like for you to focus on making people's lives easier as a whole. Then and only then will BlackBerry make a comeback.

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    07-27-13 11:49 PM
  7. tqmcguire's Avatar
    BlackBerry is playing a huge game of catchup right now. They're doing a fantastic job but the work is just beginning.

    The Z10 and Q10 are the current stars of the show. They need one more device in their stable to complete that ecosystem: a tablet. They have a beautiful tablet in the BlackBerry PlayBook but, as of now, for all intents and purposes, it has been discarded. That must change. The PlayBook is perfectly fine hardware-wise. Update the internals to match the BlackBerry 10 devices and give it at least a 720p screen. Apple's iPad is successful because the iPhone is successful. Jumping between the two devices is easy. They talk to each other easily. BlackBerry needs that connection with a tablet. The halo effect is strong. Get someone hooked on a Q10 and they'll want a PlayBook. Update the PlayBook and bring BlackBerry 10 to it. I pray they haven't killed it completely.

    As much as I absolutely love my Q10, I still can't get rid of my HTC One because of the biggest problem BlackBerry has: lack of apps. Not just apps but popular and useful apps. Instagram may be coming but it's not here. Facebook and Twitter are good though. The online streaming music apps are also scarce. 8 Tracks is great but where's my Rdio app? Forte is ok but we need official apps. Spotify. Google Play Music All Access. Pandora. I have none of these on the Q10 yet. Advance OS and LED was a fantastic app on the BB7 phones but he says he has no plan to bring it to BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry needs to pull a Microsoft and start throwing stacks of cash at these developers. We need to be able to say "There's an app for that!" and not mean "You can sideload the Android app," or "This knock-off app is passable and gives you the main functionality but not everything."

    In the same vein as needing more apps, getting BBM released to iOS and Android is another huge step. We want more users of actual BlackBerry devices, and planting that seed of the power of BBM in the heads of the ship-jumpers and fence-riders is a tremendous first step. I used Google services for the first time on iPhone and that made me investigate their greater powers on Android. I've since sold my iPhone and iPad in favor of two Android devices. Already the Q10 has me researching the PlayBook and I feel BBM will do the same for countless others.

    Next, I can honestly say I've never used an operating system on anything that's as fun and yet as advanced as BlackBerry 10. In nearly every possible way, it's far ahead of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Gestures are the future and once you get the basics you wonder why it took so long for someone to implement. While nearly everything is great in BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry needs to build back some basic functionality from BB7. Speed Dial from the home screen is the biggest I think. I've read many others list their own specific now-missing shortcuts and I believe BlackBerry is truly looking at the best way to build that lost functionality back into BB10. That said, we'll never get it all back. It just can't happen. BlackBerry can't spend all their energy rebuilding the past; they have to build the future. BB10 is the future and BlackBerry is in a prime position to lead us into that gesture-based nirvana. A small example: swipe up from the bottom may be the smartest thing I've ever witnessed on a modern smart device. Every time I pick up my HTC One I try to swipe to wake it up. It's so intuitive that I do it every single time. I do the same when I want to get out of an app. I've only had my Q10 for two days and I've completely forgotten about Home, Menu and Back buttons. This blows my mind. Great, great work.

    BlackBerry, let's sum this up. 1) Keep building these fantastic, solid, fun-yet-productive devices. Expand the ecosystem into the tablet space because like it or not, they're here to stay for a long time and they MUST be in your arsenal. 2) Throw cash at developers. Great apps are needed to show off this great OS. When I find an app Built For BlackBerry it's an absolutely dream to use. There needs to be a huge push to get this done and stop the simple porting of ugly Android apps to this beautiful BB10 OS. 3) Get BBM out to other OSes ASAP. Win over those malcontents who are bored or frustrated with their current devices! Show them the new BlackBerry is made of! 4) Finally, don't alienate your core audience of productive professionals. I have typed this entire essay on my Q10 instead of my HTC One because I knew it would be lengthy and I was having several conversations via text, email and Facebook at the same time. The Q10 and BlackBerry Hub is the only way I could've done this without tearing my hair out. That is the heart of productivity. I have a Chromebook sitting two feet away and never once thought about opening it up to type it out because the Q10 can handle multitasking so well. Back to lost features, the numerous important shortcuts and features lost from BB7 should be added back on a priority basis. Bringing them back just to say they're back isn't a good way. Your extremely talented designers and engineers can definitely weed out the items which have been replaced with just-as-easy methods in BB10. We trust you to do that. Keep the updates coming quickly yet fully-tested and working and you'll retain your large and loyal user base. Implement my other suggestions and hopefully that user base will grow and grow! Thank you for listening.

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    07-28-13 02:59 AM
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    Lack of quality apps is one of the greatest problem with BlackBerry. So BlackBerry should launch aggressive app development by opening up to app developers.

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    07-28-13 05:57 AM
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    People need to stop asking for the trackpad and buttons back. This is BB10. This is the new operating system that you have been waiting for. This is the future of BlackBerry. How would you implement a trackpad and hard buttons on a Z10? That would either be really ugly or straight up just not work. The Q10 makes since.. until you realize how much space it would take away from the already small screen and keyboard.

    There will be NO return of either on a BB10 device. It simply makes no sense. And why would you want BlackBerry to release a phone with both? Physical buttons are outdated. Even the qwerty keyboard is dying.

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    07-28-13 09:43 AM
  10. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    Kyle, I think it was a play on nostalgia more than anything. People want to relive the glory days of BlackBerry because it was an amazing high. The scroll wheel can substitute the volume up and down keys, just as the track pad could satisfy another function on a BB10 device. This was the primary focus of BlackBerry in the old order: get some customer feedback and kick around a few ideas. No harm in dreaming about 5" slider phones with physical keyboards. The right idea might just create a phenomenon and send people to the stores in a spending frenzy. All ideas are worth considering at this stage: we NEED something new and fresh in hardware design that will turn heads.

    I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!
    07-28-13 02:23 PM
  11. k9scar01's Avatar
    Crackberry.com essay

    BlackBerry have always been know for there large line of phones available, but i think there should be about six phones available once everything is finished. The Z15 or (A10) Z10 and Z5 on the Q side the Q15 (a sliding keyboard phone like torch 9800, or Q19 with bigger screen) Q10 and Q5. The hard wear should stop there with a tablet coming out with a release of the next major OS change like BB11 or BB10.5. What would really help blackberry once they have got there feet of the ground, would be to license out the os, so HTC start making hard wear for the OS so do Samsung, and with a bit of luck Nokia might make one or two phones for the superior OS which is Blackberry 10. Branching out like this will make more money for the company, and increase its reputation. With other hardware options people aren't restricted to a blackberry style phone, they could have a HTC one X blackberry edition, A Nokia 1020 in yellow running blackberry 10
    The possibilities are near endless. These people will have secure phones, a tightly restricted app store which only allows the best apps in, and with a large range of BlackBerry devices to chose from more popular apps will be submitted, and prices will be driven down, enticing more users to buy the app, giving the developers more money from the app sale, and the users will recommend the app. A win win situation. This is what I think blackberry should do

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    07-28-13 05:25 PM
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    There are dozens of ways to help BlackBerry get out of the dire situation of possibly abandoning their core businesses, but none of which are wholly meaningful if we do not first recognise their main faults. With that said, the problem that remains at the top of the pile would be Blackberry's failure to follow through on their designed plans.

    To add to the bottom of all that, there is the ugly trend of simply dropping the ball on so many key execution points and managerial decisions. Bad choices that lead to just not having a more-than-24-hour-lasting battery on the lead-off product of BlackBerry10, the Z10, to not having a proper advertisement propping the features of the new platform for Super bowl weekend, to the simply dreadful announcements that should not have been made on the Q1 earnings call...

    All of which needs to be addressed in order to really push BlackBerry into greater levels of competency and effectiveness. The new platform has its innovations and BlackBerry still has one of the most vibrant fan bases in the world, to forfeit all that with negligence would be corporate suicide.

    So, with those points in mind, these are the things BlackBerry must absolutely do to avoid certain death:

    1. Get their focus back again. Make sure they recapture what made the BBOS attractive to users in the first place. They obviously know what makes their legacy devices so attractive to their customers, having been part of that group first and foremost, so there should not be any reason not to get those legacy features on there. All of which should be good low hanging fruit to pursue. We all know these features on some level, remote search of emails, keyboard shortcuts, but BlackBerry has to not only get them in but expand upon them in greater measure. Keyboard shortcuts to open up apps instantly would be a perfect example.

    2. Stop going back to the slow, old ways of doing things. They need to stop laying blame when things go wrong, and start taking responsibility.Firing key personnel is not a viable long-term solution. Proper guidance from COO Kristian Tear and CEO Thorsten should be given to these officers to ensure the top vision of the company is followed through with the greatest level of quality and execution. No one should be made scapegoats in any case, and eliminating all negativity in the company is paramount.

    3. They need to stop making promises that they cannot possibly deliver on a high degree of quality and also probability of completion.The lack of future BlackBerry 10 updates for the PlayBook comes to mind. Although Thorsten was doing the right thing in cutting off the PlayBook projects, the bad press resulting in yet another set of botched promises is bad communication to the public and the shareholders. Bear in mind that BlackBerry does not have a good track record, and to add to any more bad public relations measures would be counterproductive. If one looks at all these points, they all stem from bad marketing and public relations. With Frank Boulben, BlackBerry has to pull their socks up and move forward without the plaguing pitfalls of the past. The old must go and the brand new must be the new paradigm, the new 'normal.'

    4. They have to deliver on every note that made them successful in the first place, and far beyond, their products should be killer in looks, in software. In every conceivable way they could do it they should. Which brings me to the next point...

    5. They should be extremely ruthless, in their marketing, in their product designs, in pushing innovation the only way BlackBerry can do in a groundbreaking, industry busting way. There shouldn't be a 'fair' way, like in Apple's case where they made the lust factor of the iPhone as extreme as they could have done it. The Z10 and the Q10 was a great attempt to do so, but they need to do that in a more extreme way.

    6. The shortcomings within the American market was the higher management's fault, not just the U.S director's, and there should be an unified effort to start making sure they get every string they could get right there a hundred percent correct.

    -The bulk of the marketing and the dollars poured into their products should be placed into the biggest mobile market in the world. There should no longer be a focus on Canada or the areas where BlackBerry is dominant.

    - This means no more late releases, no more delays, and, most of all, no more staggered releases globally. This applies to both the actual phone releases and the operating system updates. If possible, BlackBerry should be the one handling the updates from creation to the push down to the devices. However, if that is not possible and the carriers are the ones determining the rollout dates, coordinate the provision of these updates to them to tailor to their respective testing cycles and time periods, phones the same way. As a side note, it doesn't hurt to bribe these carriers a little. We all know a little money goes a long way...

    Every phone should be the best they can make them for the American market.

    7. BlackBerry has to communicate more. They have to be more forefront about local events. They need to be involved with their customers more, especially their corporate users. If there are any important events, people has to know about them and fast. They can't be slow about it in any way.

    This should be it, and it is still early stages of development for the new platform to flourish, but BlackBerry has to be proactive in getting the above mentioned actions underway. It is only through untangling these snags that the mind share of the public towards the company will improve, and likewise market share, from which the company will begin to experience better financial success moving forward. The great thing is that they have the pedigree, the technical prowess, the savvy to get of it done. After all, there is a reason why they are the undying force in mobile right now, they are BlackBerry.

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  13. ryanlrobinson's Avatar
    Since Thor took over, they are well on their way to a strong recovery, probably not back to rivalling the industry leaders any time soon but definitely with a comfortable market share. For the most part, I think they need to continue on that path, but here are some next steps I've considered:

    On the software side, BB10 needs some refinements. Some of these we already know are coming in 10.2. There are other minor things like a slew of bugs in Contacts which I haven't heard of being fixed yet, although I may install the newest leak soon to find out. It's a new platform and they've got the core right, but they do alienate their primary user base of "get stuff done" people with things like that. Other than those core issues, I would just like to see BlackBerry Sweden - formerly TAT - show off what it can do much more than it is. So far we've seen a lot of awesome demos and nothing really get put in as the core experience.

    Another software suggestion is on the media front in BlackBerry World. I love that they've tied in movies and music with your BBID. I don't love that if I buy a song through BB World it doesn't show up in my 7digital account. If that isn't possible, I'd love to just see an auto-downloader as part of Link so that if I buy a song on my phone it will also be on my computer automatically. I'd also love to see them explore a partnership with Kobo putting books in BBW, on the condition that the accounts can synchronize, but maybe that is asking too much since we don't even have a native Kobo app right now.

    For quality apps, start bribing - ahem, rewarding - big app companies to come to BlackBerry 10. Basically just pay all of their development costs, send them staff to do the work for them, or whatever else it takes. I'd argue that most people don't actually need, or will often even use, Netflix or any of the other "must-have" apps, but the reality is that people will decide what to buy on those things rather than on what they actually need. BlackBerry has done a pretty good job of taking care of the needs - which I do think is top priority - but to get anywhere in the consumer market they need to get those apps on board, and natively.

    For getting apps en masse, it is definitely time for a few more port-a-thons when 10.2 launches with the updated Android App Player. A lot of new Android apps can be brought in within a few days, but a lot of Android app developers still seem to just not be bothering. Put easy money of $100 per app on the table, though, and it is pretty hard to turn down. That won't necessarily get quality apps but it will get quantity, which may make little difference for actual use but it does matter for marketing.

    In terms of hardware, the A10 or whatever it will be called (please not the Z00 as some rumours have said) should have a 1080p screen. As a developer I know why they didn't, wanting us to be able to quickly port, but the average user who is used to looking at specs sheets for Android phones are going to immediately write off a 720p device. That's the target audience for a large phone so I'm failing to see how many people will really buy the A10 if it goes through as currently rumoured. I'd love to see a slider as well, making the 6 promised devices something along the lines of: smaller touch (Z10), larger touch (A10), power QWERTY (Q10), budget QWERTY (Q5), power slider, and then something truly innovative.

    Lastly, on the marketing front, I'd love to see how they're really differentiating themselves. I'd say it is better than it used to be with things like "Keep Moving." The average person, though, even here in Canada, doesn't really understand what makes BlackBerry different than the competition. For the most part they just think it is like the older BlackBerry - slow, lots of errors, no apps, not great for media or games - so maybe their marketing does really need to focus on how it is a whole new product.

    So overall, they're doing well. I think these things here are really just continuations, logical next steps, of the path that they are on already.
    07-29-13 08:25 AM
  14. togardergrosse's Avatar
    From what I saw, BlackBerry needs to re-focus on apps. And not just some apps, but essential apps.

    Average users might want to get Instagram or Path as quickly as possible on their BB10, but could've been waited patiently a little longer if their basic needs are fulfilled. (Old PlayBook users are able to patiently waiting because of the power of PB browser. Despite the lack of email and such)

    For example: Maps and navigation, email that isn't limited, ease of access, and so on.
    The reason I said this is BB Hub and Peek is a good step, but it isn't enough, yet.
    Let's be honest, BB are targeting old BBOS users and 'converts' that have been using iOS, Android, or Windows Phone for a while.
    Targeting new user should not be their main concern. Why? Because the major/key/top/killer points on BB will be open for iOS and Android = BBM.

    What could make them rethink to buy and keep using a BB10 devices should be their main priority.
    Do the best on maintaining universal availability on every single apps they created, or provide some alternatives.

    Take a look at my country. In Indonesia, we still can't enjoy BB Traffic on our BBOS devices, and BB Protect was opened months later after Europe and North America.

    Seeing the competition like Nokia (WP8) and Google (Android), they are striving to open their apps worldwide as soon as possible. Nokia Maps & Drive (Here Drive+) already available from day one. And while this is not quite a strong point to direct users to straightly buy Lumia devices, it gained momentum and hype. Where else you can get sub $300 devices with built-in GPS (FREE offline maps) navigation capabilities?
    And Google shared the same thoughts. Last weeks, Google Maps open its navigation system for Indonesia. While it needs online connectivity, it has a strong market. Even when Apple created Apple Maps, the turn-by-turn navigation is available from day one. And Google with its Play Books, Play Music, and Play Videos would surely be open in more country faster than BB opening its BB Traffic.
    And remember, while some services by Google not yet available worldwide, vendors such as Samsung, LG, or HTC tried to made their own similar services to attract potential buyers into buying their products.

    I was happy that BB10 has great camera features licensed from Scalado, but since Nokia bought it, the chance that we will be seeing more unique features are slim. And Nokia did one step ahead by not only giving great features, but also great quality lens on its phone camera (take a look at Lumia 1020). Forget the old days when BB could have two type of device, one with camera (commercial release) and one without camera (enterprise). Improve the camera usability, and add more great features and services (like Instagram) more quickly.

    I remember from last year press interview with Thorsten at BlackBerry World, he said specifically that BB are looking for partners to provide apps that are needed, but they should put a time limit. For example, like the BB Newsstand, it is good, but the contents are still limited.

    I could go long and write about many things, but I want BB to focus on three things. One, make essential apps available as quickly as possible on every BB10 device on every place in the world. Two, to get more partner quickly, but make some alternatives in the process (like the Zinio on PlayBook, it's an alternatives for BB Newsstand). And last but not least, do some creative marketing like iTunes Vouchers or Google Play credits. I know there is one in process, but make it quick.

    I'm proud that carrier billing is served by our three major carriers here in Indonesia, while others only have limited and Google still ZERO.
    Put this in mind when talking to our local developers, we can easily bought your apps, without pirated it like we did (mostly) on Android and iOS.

    Last thing I have in my mind, stick to your promises and never promise anything that you can't guarantee..
    I'm one of the disappointed PlayBook owners.. *sigh*

    07-29-13 09:11 AM
  15. iJives's Avatar
    "In camera"

    In my opinion blackberry should not make smartphones for the masses.They should keep the brand a prestigious reliable brand of the higher classes.
    I: So keeping the blackberry OS out of viruses is vital.For instance there are a lot of viruses and trojans for the android system whic make your phone unusable.
    II: Second very important thing is that the research in motion should stay away from the NSA's and CIA's disgusting and humiliating spyware system that listens to your phones calls and e-mails in every hour of every day.Perhaps apple and microsoft can do it but a canadian company can't afford such things so it should walk it's own destiny.

    In recent days i said: "terror" in a phone conversation and my blackberry has begun echoing during the call. ( NO comment)
    07-29-13 12:34 PM
  16. FlashFlare11's Avatar
    2013 has turned into a year of new beginnings for Research in Motion. Amongst a change in name to “BlackBerry”, January saw the company launch a new platform, BlackBerry 10, in an effort to reclaim the dominance the company once enjoyed in the past. While 2011 and 2012 were years of tension for the company, for many fans and analysts, 2013 looked to be the year of BlackBerry’s turnaround. Now, almost eight months in, BlackBerry finds itself in a position not unlike the one it found itself in just one year ago. The company must act swiftly and smartly if it hopes to stand a chance in a market dominated by hardware and software juggernauts. In order to secure a promising future, BlackBerry must use its past as a guide, focus on its assets, and seek partnerships to compensate for in-house weaknesses. The company must look ahead to secure a future.

    During much of BlackBerry’s struggles in 2012, the company, stock analysts, and fans alike looked to one thing amidst a falling stock price and negative media sentiment to give hope; the eventual launch of BlackBerry 10. The brand new operating system was looked at as a savior of sorts that would solve much of the company’s problems and reverse its downward trend. Fast forward one year and the situation is much the same, if not, even more grim.

    The current state of BlackBerry is down to BlackBerry’s execution during the launch of BlackBerry 10 and not so much the operating system itself. While the OS has its fair share of deficiencies and a smaller number of apps in its app store, BlackBerry 10 was met with much praise from tech media and users alike. The problem with BlackBerry 10 adoption is awareness and positive brand reputation, or the lack thereof. While it is quite a feat to produce an operating system with so much appeal in such a short span of time (two years), it makes no difference if the public is not aware that such a product is available to them. While this is a large problem, it is microcosm of a much larger issue BlackBerry must face; its own past. Historically speaking, BlackBerry has always been a rather conservative company. Despite having a wide array of critically-acclaimed products, BlackBerry has seldom felt the need to get its name in the public’s mind. While the effort to spread the word about BlackBerry 10 was apparent to its most ardent fans, it was not so to much of the public. This is a battle from BlackBerry’s past and it must, in a sense, “come out of its shell” and be fearless in exerting itself.

    For BlackBerry, "coming out of its shell" has more than one meaning. While it certainly must step-up its effort to remain relevant in the public's mind, it must also take chances with new products. Upon reading several reviews of BlackBerry 10, it became clear that many saw the changes within BlackBerry 10 as an effort to "reinvent the wheel just for the sake of it." In other words, BlackBerry built upon existing OS functions, however, it is lacking one powerful, exclusive feature. In BlackBerry's past, this was normal. However, today's mobile space is filled with players testing and releasing features not seen on competing systems. BlackBerry must be more willing to experiment and take risks with its products. Even an imperfect first-generation implementation that brings along new technology is superior to not having the functionality at all.

    BlackBerry’s past plays an integral role in how people today perceive its products. In its heyday, BlackBerry devices were carried by some of the world’s most powerful, influential, and intelligent people. In more recent times, consumer devices have penetrated this space to the point where the line between “consumer” and “business” has blurred. Consumer devices are dominating the corporate space. BlackBerry’s past as a “business-only” device is hurting BlackBerry 10 adoption as people want a “work and play” device. The company is working hard on changing this sentiment but until it reverses, BlackBerry will face continuous pressure on this front.

    Having faced numerous delays and setbacks over the last couple of years, BlackBerry’s brand, at least in the United States, is not as respected as, say, even three years ago. This is one area over which BlackBerry exerts total control and must learn to hold onto its credibility more tightly. The company can no longer afford product or update delays, as well as other backtracking of any sort. Negative sentiment around the brand is most assuredly hurting BlackBerry 10 devices in the market.

    No company can be “everything”, and BlackBerry is no different. It is a company that is founded on its strengths in communications, messaging, and productivity technology. In order to more solidly grow, BlackBerry must first perfect its core strengths. It must first dominate in one area entirely before moving to conquer other areas. It must stay true to its core and make the messaging and communications part of BlackBerry 10 the best on the market. Doing this will at least allow the company ability to boast, without question, that it has the strongest messaging platform on the market.

    Adding to the superiority of messaging and communication, BlackBerry has always been a company that delivers products based on superior "user experience." It is this experience that keeps the allure of BlackBerry devices intact and one that, if improved, will bring people to BlackBerry. The company needs to maintain that a superior user experience is more important than a physically "high-specced" device. The focus on experience has and should continue to be a high priority for the company.

    While BlackBerry certainly has its assets, it has its shortcomings as well. BlackBerry 10 suffered in reviews due to things like poor camera quality, poor maps solution, and the like. When it comes to things like this, BlackBerry should seek partnerships outside of the company to rectify these issues. For example, for the camera, partner with a company like Canon. It is true that TomTom powers the Maps application on BlackBerry 10, but it should certainly be improved and if TomTom is not cutting it, go to Magellan or someone else. The point being is that BlackBerry cannot be strong at everything, and for its weaknesses, it should seek help in order to gain footing in the market again.

    BlackBerry 10 proved to be a major step in the correct direction in turning around a company many deemed "dead" just one year ago. While the operating system itself was a fantastic starting point, the company's execution following the launch could be said to have hindered potential success. BlackBerry must now focus upon improving BlackBerry 10, but more importantly, how the public perceives its products and the company itself. It must battle its past demons and use its history as guide for the future. BlackBerry must be willing to take more risks, both marketing-wise and feature-wise. Finally, the company must build upon its strengths and nullify its weaknesses through meaningful partnerships. This company has great potential and its success hinges upon the decisions that are made right now. For BlackBerry, execution is the key.
    07-29-13 01:05 PM
  17. lionkai10's Avatar
    What I believe blackberry should do next is pretty simple. With a wider range of applications will boost not only profits for BlackBerry but also make the blackberry experience that much more enjoyable for everyone. To do this blackberry would need to start paying more money to developers to develop more apps in blackberry world. The more exclusive apps which are good will make more people buy blackberries due to the selection of apps.
    Another next step can be to make better commercials in a way that it stretchs to all ages. I'm 15 years old and I believe that the commercials doesn't reach out to us considering that most people I know that have blackberry are youths. So making an ad that involves youths using bbm and business men and women using smart tags and elderly people connecting to family easily. By doing this it will result in an increase of sells which then can increase money which could be spent on more developers.
    I also think for future blackberries an increase of specs will give blackberry a upper hand in being the best phone.

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-13 01:34 PM
  18. adamschuetze's Avatar
    In the world of smart phones, it is the applications that create the experience. Without the top tier applications on board, a platform will have a very hard time gaining any traction. It is time for BlackBerry to get serious about the app gap.

    Instagram is a good example to start with. Let me just start by saying I am not an Instagram user. I don't care about Instagram. But I know that millions of people do. For millions of buyers, not having a native free Instagram app on your platform is akin to not having an email client.

    Go to Google Play and iTunes app listings:


    Can you find all those big name apps in BlackBerry World? No, you cannot. And this is a real problem. If a prospective buyer goes into a shop, and asks what phone to buy, what salesperson in their right mind will promote a device that doesn't cover all the app bases? There are too many gaps in BlackBerry's app coverage.

    This must be addressed. And in a hurry, because in the end, apps are all that matters.
    07-29-13 03:30 PM
  19. BBThemes's Avatar
    bring BB10 to the PlayBook, and maybe release a Z10 charging media dock. also a blue PlayBook would be nice too like at the PlayBook reveal lol.

    guess what im trying to suggest they do is actually fulfil promises before they have nobody to promise anything to.
    07-29-13 09:51 PM
  20. Marc Alexander Blais's Avatar
    Too late now to tell you what Blackberry did wrong or right in the past. As the new Blackberry motto says: Lets keep moving and look into what could be a bright future for the Canadian company.

    Get a Blackberry device in the hand of as much people as possible

    By launching as much as 6 Blackberry phones on the market at the same time you want to appeal to as much potential users as possible. That makes sense if you want to rebuild you user-base, each phone has its different specs and special particularities to suit as much people as possible.
    Building 6 different phones must cost a lot of money and they are all running of the same OS, whether you get a 5 inches screen A-Series phone or a standard Z10 the user experience remains the same. You only get to see your SMS written bigger. No big deal.

    Blackberry ditched the Playbook, should ditch any new version of Legacy devices and stick with only two pure Blackberry phones: a Full touch screen and a QWERTY Phone.
    Then concentrate on developing and updating (regularly) the BB10 OS to make it the most performing and efficient OS out there and reach a deal with a phone company to make Powered by Blackberry phones at a cheaper price for them and ultimately for the customer.

    And if you concentrate on updating the OS to make it the coolest OS of all, people WILL want a Blackberry phone, by doing so you will have peole using Blackberry.

    Become THE leader in instant messaging

    Get cross-platform BBM out ASAP with all the functionalities for all the devices and market it big time. So the non-BBM people will want to try it (heck its free) and monetize the BBM channels and / or the user base one way or another.
    07-30-13 06:32 PM
  21. 2ndcrack's Avatar
    Air some ads in prime time that have impact. Here is a suggested sample.

    BlackBerry can have my concept for a killer z10 commercial for free. Open with tight camera shots on an electric guitar and a z10. Launch into Jeff Beck 's Seasons chorus with the camera shot tight on the guitar fingerings, then flash to a z10 shot and show the screen being worked through apps in time with the guitar. Sample the songs chorus,

    "Order, any order

    Play me in the summer,

    Play me in the autumn,

    Play me in the winter,

    Any order"

    End with a tight shot of the z10 and the only spoken words "play a z10"

    I already have a z10 but I might buy another if they did a thirty second spot like that.

    Posted via CB10
    07-30-13 10:07 PM
  22. Sridhar M's Avatar
    With BlackBerry's intentions aiming clearly on massive markets with the launch of Q5, the next step is to target the younger generation by making their Q5 affordable on pricing!! Blackberry should produce more variants like their competitors for the emerging markets to push for smartphone sales; with OS10 out BlackBerry should quickly phase out their traditional models and bring out more variants of Q5, Q10, Z10 for rapid sales. Compatibility with Apps, Access to More Free Apps, Bigger Screen Variants are some of the addon features could BlackBerry think in terms for greater market presence.

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-13 09:03 AM
  23. shardulomania's Avatar
    The veteran BlackBerry, once a legend, now is in a dangling position in the market around the world. Though in this position, BlackBerry hasn't lost it's charm, but it has lost it's customers. Some loyal customers like me are still game for the BBs, as it is fondly called. But overall BB needs a make-over in it's strategies.

    When you sell a product, sell it thinking on terms of the buyer. Earlier BB was only for classes, now the key is to make it appeal to the masses! Today the consumers want lots of beneficial apps and games in their smartphone, and the rascals want it for free! Well, most of them. So build a reasonable lot of apps and games with minimal expenditure so that BB World can afford to give it for free. There are lots and lots of developers around the world who only need a chance to prove their talent, hire them! Most of them will be willing to do it for free in return of the chance given to them by the company. Keep a goal of at least a million apps and games in the BB World, I don't see any harm in that.

    Secondly, the pricing issue. There goes a saying, "Don't act smart till your hands are stuck under a stone, there's a chance that they will get crushed!". The stone here is the iOS and the androids. BlackBerry's hands are stuck under these heavy stones. Pull out those hands safely first, and then price your product as per your terms. Attract the customer, build a smartphone for every class! Let there be a BB starting from 5000 and let there also be a BB priced at 50,000 (rupees). The catch is that what are you offering in that BB. The OS10 is an excellent product! But a person has to shell out somewhere around 45000 rupees to buy one! Now about the newly launched Q5, it is priced at around 25000 rupees, had it been priced around 18000, it would have been sold like hot cakes! Believe me this is not the right time to sell BB smartphones at these kind of prices, we need to get a hold on the market, we need to lure the common man into using a BB, we need to make the common man prefer BB over an android or an iPhone! People want value for money, make them believe that yes you are getting value for your hard earned buck! Everyone thinks differently, we have to analyze the market and play our cards accordingly.

    The consumer wants the latest configuration available in the most reasonable price. It may mean reducing our profits for the time being but it also means increase in the sales and hold upon the market. Boost up those processors, pump in maximum RAM, let the BB smartphone run ahead of every damn smartphone in the market! Get the best display available today, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, you name it and BB should have it. Raise the pixel density beyond limits! Include such a battery which will run for 3 consecutive days delivering excellent performance! Introduce such features in a BB smartphone of which samsung/apple can't even think of! Come on guys we are no less than anyone else! But all this we have to do keeping in mind the costs incurred. We must gain consumers and also earn a decent profit. Job-cuts is not the only way of reducing costs, there are many other, explore them.

    Hardware and looks matter to many people around the globe. People are looking out for something different something royal in their smartphone. For example, the washable Xperia Z, its an unique feature. Push in something unique in the smartphone which the consumer can boast about. People like to boast about their smartphones, I have witnessed it. Till date, BBM was unique, now its going to be ported to android/iOS. Now think of something unique and include it into the upcoming BBs.

    This is not a race anymore, this is a war! We have to be the leader again and we will be! We do have an established brand name, all we have to do is that resurrect it and make space for it in the hearts of millions of people out there! Come on guys we can do it, we have to lead and we will!

    Special Message For Thorsten Heins, CEO, BlackBerry :

    Respected Sir, I got my 1st BlackBerry in 2008, it was the 8310 Curve. Since then I'm a loyal BB user. I have an emotional attachment with BlackBerry. Once upon a time, BB was a status symbol. But today it is highly abused and condemned by the masses! I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Something is wrong somewhere, please find it out and rectify it. I wish to see the same old pride of BB return. I want the name 'BlackBerry' to be uttered with respect! As I write this content on my Bold 9700, my Z10 looks on, and I can see it smile with a lump in it's throat. Let's rule once again sir, LET's RULE...

    -Shaardul A. Moghe (India)
    07-31-13 09:21 AM
  24. lorax1284's Avatar
    Hire CrackBerry fans as part timers to spend one full day in the store and train up the carrier staff.

    You should pay the CrackBerry member with an A10 device.

    Have someone from BB corporate interview the Citizen of CrackBerry Nation (CCBN) and find out where they are located and if they can actually speak intelligently about the device. Send them a BlackBerry CCBN shirt so the CCBN can be approached by customers and asked about it, and be distinguished from store staff an be identified as not an "official" employee of BlackBerry, but just a "fan".

    Then, BB should coordinate with carrier stores and even stores like Best Buy to have one of these CCBN folks be in the store for one day, to talk to the store staff on duty that day about BlackBerry, train up the staff a bit. The CCBN should stay in the store for a whole day to answer questions from prospective customers, so the store staff can see how it's done PROPERLY. Maybe even a sign that says "Not sure if BlackBerry is right for you? Ask me, I can help."

    The alternative is hiring a bunch of marketing people that need technology TRAINING. There already is a whole bunch of CCBN who know BlackBerry technology better than most BlackBerry employees, so leverage the power of that community and TAKE THE RISK that maybe a handful of them might not be the most polished, but they'll be sincere. I think they should have an online identity that shows and advocacy for the hardware and technology (although if they read my recent posts, they would be inclined to believe I'd be pushing people to Apple or Android, which isn't the case... product advocacy is different than corporate advocacy, in my world).

    It's too "outside the box" for BlackBerry to do, but... there comes a point where "what is there to lose?" makes the risk worth it.
    07-31-13 11:31 AM
  25. Cranky's Avatar
    I think that a BB10 Slider should be next. A keyboard and a screen size similar to the Z.

    08-02-13 05:08 AM
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