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  1. fireeast's Avatar
    BlackBerry was one of the first innovater

    Posted via CB10
    07-26-13 08:40 PM
  2. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    P.S. -- I miss the scroll wheel and the track ball of my old phones. If any old nostalgic functions were to be reconsidered, those two were great memories (especially the scroll wheel).

    I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!
    07-26-13 08:45 PM
  3. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    They need to "get into the spec race" with one true flagship device.

    They need a device that has more than 16 gig storage and a 1080p screen or better. Yes the eye can't tell the difference blah blah blah.

    This A series seems okay but BlackBerry needs a device that makes tech blogs praise it and that makes naysayers stop cold in their tracks.

    Thor doesn't have to get into the spec race that's fine.. Be mediocre at a time when you are fighting for your life and see were it gets to you.
    I urge BlackBerry to build a true suprerphone like the way Kevin would talk about bb10 during its building.

    Shock and awe.. Make the world stop and notice. A device that does it all.... A true super phone worthy of the Aristo name.

    Sent from my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0
    07-26-13 08:54 PM
  4. ikiyen's Avatar
    The next step for blackberry is to release a device similar to Q10 but this time with a trackpad and the menu buttons like in the bold series. Blackberry dominated the market not because it looked great, not because of its specs but simply because of the qwerty and the keyboard that made us effecient. There were phones with qwerty but none was successful as blackberry because it was only blackberry that offered a trackpad. It was an innovation at that time. Not all innovations are accepted but the trackpad was a hit. It was loved and so blackberry was loved. It was only when the iphone was released that made sales go down. Another innovation with the touch, another innovation loved. But right now Blackberry has touch but the only problem is they have no trackpad. In other words they are just like an iphone but with a qwerty. The blackberry is no longer a leader but a follower of trends. Why dont you put back the thing that made you lead and i believe it is the trackpad. Become leaders again. Bring back the trackpad! It's not old school trust me.
    07-26-13 09:50 PM
  5. lorax1284's Avatar
    I think I'm essayed right out, with all the lengthy posts I've done lately... but I'll try :-).

    BlackBerry has to pull out all the stops to convert what remains of their 70 million BBOS<7.1 device owners to BB10.

    That means putting out a device with almost the exact same form factor as the 9900, including the hardware buttons etc., (and by "etc" I mean TrackPad, duh!) so those used to the current usage paradigm won't be so put off as to switch to another platform: from the customer perspective, if they have to learn something new, why not let it be Android or iOS? If it's only BBM they need, they'll stick with BBOS device, and not upgrade, because to upgrade costs money and risks losing the knowledge of how to use the device. The actual number of gadget nerds is actually only a FRACTION of the population, despite the fact that for many of us, we live it, breathe it, all day long, so we lose sight of that.

    Say what you want about moving forward not backward etc. THEY'RE DOING THAT with the Z10 and the Q10 / Q5 / A10.

    They need a "B10": a Bold with hard start / end / BB / Back key AND TRACKPAD so people familiar with the way BBOS works will be on BB10 and still feel at home. One concession: make the "back" button a "home" button, because a simple swipe left-to-right can duplicate "Back" button... and since so many people seem to be hooked on a "home" button, why not just bake it in with the other buttons. There. EVERYBODY'S HAPPY.

    They don't have to totally alienate their existing platform fans to pursue new ones. I don't care what the eff the "optics" of making a device that APPEALS TO TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE looks like to Jonathan Geller, he can go eff himself with a +1 mace.

    Getting millions of warm bodies on BB10 is job 1. Get those BBOS folks upgraded, do whatever it takes. You'd think that would be a no brainer... it is... but what BlackBerry Ltd. is doing is taking the BBOS user base for granted, forcing what they might not want on them, rather than just giving them what they want, only backed by BB10. (And the 9720 isn't the answer: that's a BBOS device, not a BB10 device.)

    They're throwing the baby (loyal customers) out with the bathwater (outdated OS) rather than just putting the baby in fresh clean water.

    Until BB fixes that absolutely perverse and broken corporate culture / attitude, I really really fear for them... BB10 is so good, it would be a shame for them to actually MURDER it (in the bad way) like they're doing now.

    I believe some of the CrackBerry.com 'leadership' remains on speaking terms with BB critics from other tech blogs... why not ask those offensive bloggers what they think of catering to the BBOS crowd with a lookalike device WHILE ALSO OFFERING FULL TOUCH SLAB devices that compete with iOS / Android devices? Would they think it a sound business strategy or just ridicule it?

    Part of me says "If BGR or C|Net ridicule it, you're on the right track" because they're d*cks, but not the ones that quack.
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    07-26-13 10:10 PM
  6. XDrew42's Avatar
    Under promise. Over deliver.

    Honestly. I love my BlackBerry and all the Z10 goodness.

    My essay is four words. See above.

    Posted via CB10
    07-26-13 10:22 PM
  7. stevepar's Avatar
    No need for an essay, simply triple or quadruple the number of #keepmoving vans, and have crackberry.com users help show the devices! That's how you sell, let people use them.
    07-26-13 10:32 PM
  8. Jusfro's Avatar
    I think blackberry needs to come out with some hilarious ads. Be gone with the serious ads and try adding some humour and make them memorable so that ever one talks about them after they watch. maybe hire a celeb or comedian (Russel Peters would be good and he's Canadian too) to show off the features and make the BB10's look fun cause they are fun to play with.

    In terms of devices I believe BB just needs to keep doing what they are doing cause all the new phones are great, bumps in specs never hurt and they always please the people that focus on the specs. Also just keep on trying to focus on bringing the big name apps. Maybe BB can start their own campaigns to target the likes of netflix and Instagram.

    They most of all need to keep the pressure on the stores selling the phones to make sure products are set up and functioning and all the staff is well educated. I believe BB is on the right track it is just going to take a bit for them to get market share back and become "cool" again. I will be sticking it out till the day they die(but we all know that's never going to happen ).
    07-26-13 11:02 PM
  9. yelmonster's Avatar
    Call some of the people here arm chair CEO's all you want, but in my opinion, BlackBerry has the widest unpaid board of directors here in CB.

    There isn't one way of fixing the problems they have, though, they CAN invest on the people here. I believe that even the most negative people here still care a little bit about BlackBerry. I know I do.

    A lot of people post valuable comments here in CB, some may be a bit too unreachable, but so many are attainable. I say, that if BlackBerry made some kind of a committee like a "Community Committee," have TH join sessions, have the people say or ask what they want, have TH answer the questions - this would lead to better consumer experience. It adds a personal touch to attaining the better ground.


    Who knows better what the consumers want, than us consumers ourselves. Right?

    That I think would lead them to better heights, better consumer connection.

    Everyone would know what's happening with BlackBerry, and BlackBerry would start listening to us more.

    This signature was swiped up from the Z10's sexy keyboard.
    Last edited by yelmonster; 07-26-13 at 11:33 PM.
    07-26-13 11:22 PM
  10. Kelvinromero's Avatar
    In my opinion I think they should really focus on improving the OS. People who are Blackberry fans, already went out and bought a Z10 or Q10, and not many will be switching to a different Blackberry anytime soon I believe. So that's why I think they should stop focusing on releasing more models of the phone, and just invest their time on making the OS better.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 01:10 AM
  11. bigafeet's Avatar
    One major thing I feel that BlackBerry should do at this point time is to strengthen its marketing strategies. Let me boldly put this through that I am not sure if Apple or Samsung provide the best OS out there. Nor am I absolutely convince that they have the best hardware out there, but what I can say for sure if their appealing marketing strategies. Even if they had lack-lustre performances and products their marketing strategies and advertisements work very well, especially to mainstream consumers. I think it's time that BB move away from just a "work-only" platform as I mean, we don't want to be reminded of work all our lives, right?

    Why I am saying this is also because of the lack of promotion for the phone in my region. When I step into stores, I see Samsung, iPhone and even HTC personnels trying to sell the phones. None for blackberry though which shows how much advertising they want to get us through. There needs to be hype amidst quality, there needs to be buzz where mainstream consumers are concerned. Failing which would spell doom for BB and I certainly do not want to see that happening.

    Hope I made sense!

    Proud owner of a Q10 (White)
    07-27-13 01:36 AM
  12. shahumang8's Avatar

    As per my understanding blackberry improve below thing

    - Support more to developer and choose some developer for all country and after that take some idea to how to improve development and how to attract to client.
    - When any new device comes before blackberry contact to some developer and provide a all information about device so those developer create application before mobile launch so that user get application before launch mobile so user attract more.
    - Do marketing power full like many people not know how to work mobile and how to download application into app-world so i advice to blackberry please do some tour into some country like India ,USA and Africa and advertise about product.
    - BlackBerry open some store into all country and there compare blackberry phone to other phone so user attract more.

    And more thing...
    07-27-13 01:38 AM
  13. xalosyj's Avatar
    Change developers . New eyes see better.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 02:47 AM
  14. Made in flanders's Avatar
    They should have released BB10 for the Playbook.

    Let me explain. I'm a playbook user, and frankly, I love it, and I don't care if they release BB10 for the Playbook or not. They shouldn't do this for Playbook users. But if they rewrite enough code, so it fits on device with 'only' 1 gig of ram. Then they would be able to release a q5 or a z5 with lower specs and thus a lower price point.
    Because I think the q5 isn't low end enough. I know they want to create a premium feeling. But lots of people that started with blackberry (including myself) started with low-end device (curve 8520) and ended up with a high-end device (bold 9900). I bought the 8520 for 200 euros, and I see now that the Q5 in Belgium is almost twice as much. People that want a cheap qwerty device (like I wanted in the beginning) are going to keep looking and maybe end up with the Asha, or a cheap Android phone.
    I think this is a really big problem for Blackberry at this point. It seems that people this time want a cheaper device, and Blackberry isn't providing a device cheap enough.
    The software itself is really good. There are updates, and I think BB10 will get better really fast. I don't think the problem with the carriers (that only seems to exist in the USA) can be solved by BlackBerry alone.
    They might try to point more out what has changed with the updates. More like apple does.
    Last point I think, is marketing. They need a commercial that really catch peoples attention, or they should give people from a popular show BB10 devices. If they get people to use something like peek on national television, it would be really good marketing IMO.
    07-27-13 02:51 AM
  15. Janessaz's Avatar
    Blackberry will always have a place in the market.

    Has the Q10 and Z10 on OS10 fallen short of your standards?

    Having Blackberry throw in the towel would take from the consumers choices when selecting a OS on their phone of choice and you could be forced to have to adhere to Apple, which has always been a "trendy for that week" and disposable "pop music" type development marketing strategy, or the "fast food buffet" of Android. While both iPhone and Android have made a name for themselves and proven they have a place in the market, what really has made them memorable?

    iPhone is constantly reinventing it's self because they pitch to the consumers a false avant-garde product, when in reality they are just following trends that has no ingenuity or originality at all.

    The Android market may have it's doors open too wipe to broad a market, which only leads to more of the same old junk you browse through pages and pages to eventually find a quality phone. Once the needle in the haystack is found, you discover that it's not a rare find, but rather just another fish in the sea. Android will always leaving you searching the next best thing, instead of you wishing they would create a updated phone you carried in the past.

    With that said, ask yourself this question...
    Do you remember your favorite phone? What was the phone you loved the most, surprised you with it's innovation for its time, and gave you the sense of value to it's purchase?

    For me it was my first Blackberry. The Blackberry Pearl 8100. Which did completely what a phone should do for me in my eyes. For years Blackberries have always been able to streamline your phone for what it's meant to do, basically pioneered the back up, integrated your business communications with personal contacts while keeping them separate, and still always remained prevalent in the market.

    Blackberry World does seem to lack some of the apps at the moment, but it is no secret in all the forums that the problem is being addressed. The developers are behind in the app race, but (with my bias for Blackberry) I believe they are just being mindful to not overwhelm their customers with apps that serve no purpose and just hurt the pocket in the end.

    The Z10 is a solid phone, lacks a few apps for now, but still has all the key features Blackberry built its reputation on.

    BLACKBERRY earned its stripes in the past and will continue to do so.

    07-27-13 04:21 AM
  16. MikeMG's Avatar
    BlackBerry should:
    Focused on a number of limited device types
    Supporting their Enterprise customer in moving on BB10
    Jump into the end consumer market with better offers

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 05:27 AM
  17. mookia's Avatar

    I'm loyal blackberry user for years. Before BB10 appeared, I had curves and torch. They had i711 relay service, wireless relay service and more except video phone. These are for deaf communication needs. Now BB10 has none of them. The worst for me and deaf customers. They attracted to iphone, andriod, samung galaxy and other device that video phone apps provide for deaf communication needs. BB10 has NONE. I want BB10 to add video phones such as P3(purple 3), ntouch, and Z5 apps. So deaf customers would want to buy blackberry device.
    What about closed caption apps? Iphone has closed caption (CC) in the setting. To turn on or off for tv and movies. BB10 has none. It seems worse for deaf customers as I am. I hope BlackBerry technicians don't ignore deaf customers and add these apps.
    Other than that BB10 needs to add some more popular apps such as nike gps, mapmy run, etc. More high demands that other many devices have. BB10 needs to work on those.

    Port from andriod is very frustrating. I struggled to make it work on my laptop. I want BlackBerry has own their apps or BlackBerry world app become sharing with andriod ready in apps. No port need to add more complicated with software programs etc. Goodluck with BlackBerry improvements and upgrades many apps!!

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 06:55 AM
  18. Brandon8ch's Avatar
    Blackberry's future is a world of open doors and windows, they just have to peek their heads in and see what is out there. Now that their Q10 and the Z10 are taking the world by storm all the power is in RIM's hands. Their possibilities are endless for expansion since technology is becoming something so common, and so uncommon because of new features in almost every new device (phones and all). As a technological student, technology is all around and they are changing fast. When it comes to features and apps of Blackberry's current phones, I don't see many things wrong, I actually see some positive things that other companies are taking interest in. Blackberry just needs to ride the Technological Wave.

    I had a Blackberry 9000 to start my crackberry craving, if one would call it that. The 9000 was a very solid phone and great for its time, but problems never were a shortcoming. The ball would break, the headphone piece would fall out, the phone would turn off at 60%, and on and on. After all these problems, I still stuck with Blackberry. 3 years later the 9900 came out and all I could think was "Thank god I won't have that ball anymore." And the 9900 was everything I, and other users, wanted from the device. Blackberry made a big step with Blackberry 7, although it still felt like they could have done something more, like there was a property untouched, and then 2 and a half years later...The Blackberry Z10. This device is amazing! The battery lasts 2 days no problem even with extensive use and the lack of buttons gives a very sleek look to the phone, even though it looks like some other phones. The Q10 on the other hand is unlike any other Blackberry device, except for maybe the 9900, because of its big screen and keyboard with the AMOLED screen as well.. Both the Z10 and Q10 have shocked the world and made everyone curious enough to go out and get one. Loads of people are getting these devices because they are sick of their old phones and even iPhones and Androids (from people I know). I own the Z10 and I could not want any more out of a device, except for maybe holographic calling. All in all, Blackberry has done an amazing job with the Z10 and Q10 and I hear nothing but good things from people who buy them.

    A tiny bit about myself, I am in TV Broadcasting in the best school in the province for that field and technology is becoming so amazing that it's scary. Technology is something that is easily engineered but needs the brain power to actually become a reality. Anyone can make a copy of another thing and make it have less weight or a bigger screen. That's easy. Blackberry has done anything but that! Every Blackberry model is different for their own reasons. The Pearl is good for people who wanted a smaller phone, the Curves and Bolds are for people who want a keyboard mid sized phone, the Storm and Q10 and Z10 are for those touchscreen lovers and the Torch is for the ones who love the slide and the option to have the keyboard or no keyboard. Not only that, from OS 5, to OS 7 to OS 10, there has been nothing but new looks and amazing new features with every new device. Blackberry makes the user the centre of focus.

    Talking about some other new technologies on the other side of the spectrum; The new iOS7. Now to me, the iPhone looks the exact same; the iPhone 3, 4, 4S and 5. They have just added a little bit here and a little bit there, and that's it. Most people don't like change, but then again most people don't like the same thing over and over and over and OVER again!!. If I were an iPhone user, I'd be on a Blackberry or Android horse in a hurry. iOS7 shows me, and probably a lot of others, that Apple is on its last limbs, trying to forge whatever they can to make a profit. They've taken almost every new concept from Blackberry 10 and it's sad because people will assume Apple had it first. 5 years ago I said to my friends at the lunch table in Grade 8, "Don't get iPhones, they'll probably die out, I give it 5 or 6 years." Now 5 years later, it has pretty much happened. The 5 is almost exactly the same as the 4S and iOS7 will be old news by the time it comes out and Blackberry users will be laughing all the way home. Apple makes it so that the product is the product. The user must want to work with it and has to force themselves to get over all the hurdles. Windows, Blackberry and Android all have basically the same things the way things work. Apple is the complete opposite with every way the phone/computer works; loading files, downloading, settings, etc. Still talking about computers, the Mac's innovations, in the eyes of Apple, is the same as the iPhone's innovation, just something a little smaller or a little bigger and not a whole lot more. Windows XP, to Windows 7 was a massive jump in the world of computers. 7 made things so amazing and so much faster and easier for the user. Then Windows 7 to Windows 8 was an even bigger jump making touch screen computers and a classic desktop or a desktop like the Windows Phone. A brilliant idea from Windows. Blackberry needs to do the same thing, and that is to make more with what they already have.

    In conclusion, Blackberry is already moving forward and they just need to keep finding new things, I have had not one problem with my Z10 that has not been the reason of a leaked OS. The fact that Apple is now stumped and that Blackberry makes phones for the user, not for the sake of the phone, and the massive expansion of technology in the years to come, is more reason for Blackberry to become what it truly is; a smartphone. All Blackberry has to do to be successful, is Keep Moving.

    P.S. Just wanted to say I really hope I win one of the clocks. It would look amazing in my new room. And thanks CB for the opportunity not only to share my opinion about Blackberry, but to reward me for speaking my heart
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    07-27-13 07:44 AM
  19. cellphonejunkey's Avatar
    Let's make BlackBerry the best ever!

    As with all companies experiencing delays in performance BlackBerry has been fastidious working behind the scenes to bring BlackBerry os 10 to market. What BlackBerry does best is launching devices to market with outstanding qwerty keyboard devices and the messaging experience called BBM. I think BlackBerry has two key strengths here that no other company has or even is yet to launch. This double edge sword is their key strength.

    The features of the keyboard is no#1 accuracy! For those in business and needs efficient word textual outpu I don't think ios, android, windows os's have a high ended series device like the Q10 to compete with right noiw. So the key here is to move to higher levels with hardware and software production. Higher end specs, much better and hightech builds would also push the product forward. How about a Q10 with 5inch screen with a titanium outer shell. Combined with improved cameras and multiplatform bbm'ing would Definately utilize technology with current avaliable features to increase product sales in a market hat quickly stales with too many touch screen devices. Finally getting develops to push more apps to BlackBerry os10 and I think your have a recipe for great success. In the past BlackBerry has proven to be an amazing worldwide contender and once upon a time the go to device for business. Now let's move over to business and social. Let's provide devices that can be used for both business and social equally! We know what BlackBerry 's major feature is now let's focus and not forget the benefits! Why not create an exclusive bbm access button on all new BlackBerry 's going forward.

    BlackBerry = qwerty keyboard

    Qwerty keyboard = ease of communication, efficient typing, saves time.

    Bbm = global connectivity, chat typing, chat video, and app sharing.

    Apps = more apps, and more apps to tie in keyboard benefits, and communications benefits of bbm. Dedicated keyboard key for bbm access.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 08:10 AM
  20. Andy_bb_king's Avatar
    I believe BlackBerry need partners to marketing and sell phones particularly in Asia. Share profits and limite expenses.

    Use a bit of different strategy in North America since the smartphone market is saturated but need to show all the people how cool BlackBerry 10 phone is. They are not just for business people and they are for every one.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 08:31 AM
  21. rdsan58's Avatar
    Was an android person for a long time till the Z10 came out fell in love with it now I'm a true blackberry supporter and I'm hooked on cb as well very happy blackberry user thanks for all the happening news in the blackberry world

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-13 09:29 AM
  22. xBURK's Avatar

    Let's be honest. This is what BlackBerry is up against. Bad Press and Public Perception. Of course, the majority of current BlackBerry fans want no part of this. We read stories of proud owners role playing as over enthusiastic sales reps. They just can't wait to let the world know that BB10 is a worthy contender and very proud to state it. I admit, I fall into that category.

    Now, it's clear this company didn't do itself any favours since the launch last January. "Odd" is the only word to describe what has taken place since. Plus, this is about what to do next. What's done is done.

    Hence the headline. Changing the perception of this company is absolutely crucial moving forward. BlackBerry could have given us the moon and this would still be the case today. With so much damage done, how? Word of mouth is great, but not when you're the most disliked kid in the yard. The quickest and most effective way is nothing new or for that matter surprising. Marketing, Marketing Marketing!

    Why does this even have to be stated? BlackBerry fans should not have to spend time filling this void? Granted, the current marketing is better than years of past. It's just not nearly as good as the top two. Yes, BlackBerry's website is extremely professional and impressive. The problem: If Joe Blow thinks the company is dead, he ain't wasting time typing the first W in the URL bar. It's just that simple.

    BlackBerry has never been known for innovative marketing. Why? It really is beyond comprehension ? So much to work with. So much to be proud of. With excitement, creativity, humor, intelligence etc... everyone could and should know about BB10's greatness. Other companies seem to get it, why can't BlackBerry?

    It would be a shame if BlackBerry's hard work and dedication is wasted because of this most important omission. It's going to take a five star desert to change the bad taste in consumers mouths. Now is the time to dish up and use the oldest, fastest and most effective game changer. A marketing campaign that will get people excited in a positive way. The "Keep Moving" slogan is effective, but sadly, it's not being used to its full potential. With every second ticking away, it's turning into "Keep Moving On".

    BlackBerry needs to get this right once and for all. No way around it. Can it be accomplished? Heck Yes! I for one, will always have faith in this incredible company. With that being said, Just Do It Already!

    Posted via CB10
    Last edited by xBURK; 07-29-13 at 12:05 AM.
    07-27-13 10:53 AM
  23. dakid72's Avatar
    Vic L Joseph
    CrackBerry Addict
    Dallas, TX

    BlackBerry is a formidable company with many great devices, but the one thing that most other companies (apple, samsung, google, any fast food restaurant, or major company) have over BB is "MARKETING!"

    I have had several BB devices, 8350i, 9650, 9930, and now a Z10, and whenever I had my device out and did something that people thought was cool or different, they would all say the same thing, "I didn't know BB could do that." Then I would show them other things and they would lose their mind with disbelief and sheer confusion. The reason nobody knows is because the devices and the things that they could do were never marketed on television and when it was it was a little too vague for people to interpret.

    Case and point, the Z10 dropped and people may or may not know about time shift camera, I've seen one commercial for it, but I've seen the commercial for the android version several times. The Hub is outstanding, but no one knows because it is not marketed and people already think BB is dead and/or dying, so they aren't going to go look and see what is new or coming forth.

    BlackBerry said earlier this year that they have committed $1 million to marketing, but that may not be enough and it may have been wasted on an ok commercial for the Super Bowl. BB needs to flood the market with commercial upon commercial, not just showing the phone, but to show off exactly what the phone can do. Show off the Hub, show off the peek and flow aspect, let people know about the time shift camera and now there is HDR for great looking pictures. Highlight that there are no buttons to wake the phone, everything is gesture based. Emphasize that picture taking is simple as taping the screen or pressing long for continuous photos. Commercials should highlight all the things that the devices can do and should be shown on a variety of shows, i.e. Sporting events, Major networks at primetime 8pm est - 11pm est, other networks i.e. ESPN, TNT, TBS, Spike, Cartoon Network (kids convince parents to buy), Lifetime (for the women) and even paid networks (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, Starz, and Encore).

    BB should advertise, advertise, advertise and adver-freaking-tise til people are sick of seeing the commercials. Take a page from whomever Geico hired and get some really cool commercials out there, because I bet everybody knows what day it is...........whoot-whoot!!!
    07-27-13 12:05 PM
  24. Gavindsouzaa's Avatar
    When the z10 was releasing, I heard about so many rumours such as it would be supporting android and skype and even video calling. Well so far it has done it's best to my expectations except for a few minor things.. BlackBerry 10 doesn't support android completely, I have to side load apps which may work which is really disappointing.

    BlackBerry has made 3 new phones so far and I think it should start improving it's play store. I mean, as a z10 user with the huge screen, I want to use it as a gaming device also.

    So BlackBerry, please improve your play store so that BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7 would have that difference, otherwise BlackBerry 10 would be the same as a BlackBerry 7..
    07-27-13 03:29 PM
  25. mavsguy842's Avatar
    ...So BlackBerry, please improve your play store so that BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7 would have that difference, otherwise BlackBerry 10 would be the same as a BlackBerry 7..
    BlackBerry doesn't have a store, it has a World!
    07-27-13 03:40 PM
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