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    The launch of the BlackBerry Passport, sporting BlackBerry 10.3, is inching closer every day and it's pretty safe to say that not only us guys & girls here at CrackBerry are excited, but the rest of the smartphone market is too. Or maybe more curious, than excited. Either way it's all good.

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    08-27-14 03:51 AM
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    As a qwerty user, I would actually prefer a four line touch sensitive keyboard on the passport, I don't think the extra 4mm would've impacted the size a design, but on the other hand the ease of using should be easier, but that's still left to actually using it, hopefully soon.

    But back to the question asked by OP, apart from the soft keyboard, which I find actually o.k compared to other brands, I find that the 16:9 ratio quite tiresome as one would have to constantly rotate and adapt to different screen sizes, and even with the z30 the width of the device, although good, but not good enough.

    Hence a large square screen, would fit MY usage patterns better than than 16:9.

    Now what I believe would be amazing and since the passport has usb2go on the bottom end, a detachable 4 line keyboard would make an all touch square screen, a perfect device for me!!

    Once detached it would cancel out the soft keyboard, once detached would revert back.

    Now such a device with such an accessory would be a must buy for me!!!

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    08-27-14 04:03 AM

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