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    This Friday morning BlackBerry will report the final quarter of the companys fiscal 2014 results. As usual, Ill remind you that yes, it is really the end of their 2014 year since they have a February year end to their fiscal year.
    To set the stage for the announcement, lets take a quick look back at what happened last quarter. The company reported only $1.2 billion in revenue for Q3, which was down from $1.6 billion in Q2. Revenues have been falling sharply, and everyone is waiting to see where they level out. In terms of devices, the company recognized revenue on 1.9 million units, which was also a sharp reduction from the 3.7 million units in Q2. Hardware sales made up 40% of sales last quarter. 53% of sales came from service revenue, which is still mostly tied to legacy BBOS carrier fees. This is an area that is in decline as the business model shifts to BlackBerry 10.

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    03-25-14 08:12 AM

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