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    In the months leading up to every release of Cascades, BlackBerry provided a roadmap of whats ahead. However, after the release of 10.2 there havent been any updates to that roadmap. I have reached out to my contacts at BlackBerry Dev Relations and theyve assured me that there is still new tools being worked on, they just havent updated the roadmap for whatever reason.
    So since there is no clear sign of whats ahead, the next best thing to do is what we do best here at CrackBerry; wildly speculate and create a wish list! Ive compiled a short list of ideas of my own as well as ones from talking with some fellow Cascades developers.

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    01-19-14 04:00 PM
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    If Blackberry wants developers to continue developing native apps, they need to show publicly that they are moving forward with cascades and native development. They need more features like the ones that were mentioned along with other features.
    01-19-14 04:17 PM

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