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    Have a BlackBerry Passport on TELUS? If so, you're waiting for BlackBerry 10.3.1 is now over. According to several folks in the CrackBerry Forums (and confirmed via Sachesi) the Canadian carrier has now started their roll out of BlackBerry 10.3.1 to BlackBerry Passport owners.

    Full story from the Crackberry Blog...
    03-03-15 12:00 PM
  2. Arek Nowakowski's Avatar
    Why 10.3.1 is not available through BlacBerry Link application??? !!!
    Why BlackBerry link does not have built-in functionality to update the phone?
    Why I can not do that from my computer?
    Operating System does not belong to the Telco Operator.
    So why should I wait for some bonzo to muck up my phone?
    this process of roll-up is TOTALY un-acceptable what Blackberry does.
    It worries me about Blackberry security and modifications I am getting from telco provider.
    It is a joke.
    03-04-15 06:15 PM

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