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    Let me start by greeting you all a Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great one and brought in the new year in you're own special way.*
    Before the new year, we brought you a sneak peek into an upcoming app called SketchBook, for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. A lovely sketchbook app that runs pretty smoothly and great for those who love to sketch. I've already used to doodle a few things. I've used it with my finger and also a plain old stylus. Note that if you rest your palm on the screen, it will leave a mark.

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    01-01-15 07:40 AM
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    Not sure - if I should mention this so feel free to delete me - but I was using Sketchbook last night and decided to share the sketch with myself - I like it as a quick teaching tool - kind of great whiteboard app for my uses. When I hit sent from the Share e-mail - my Passport went dead - like off. It went into total reboot mode. So I will send this to the App developer - but be careful. Not sure if this was just me or what. But it kind of freaked me out. There was no warning. I hit send from the e-mail share - and book - phone dead. What I am impressed with is that my Passport rebooted with the existing apps open in recovery mode. Slick BlackBerry - well done guys. I'm thinking I don't even need my computer anymore. My Passport is becoming my new computer.
    01-07-15 10:35 AM

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