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    The Pebble smartwatch isn't officially supported by BlackBerry themselves, but we do have a pretty awesome third party client in the form of Talk2Watch. The developer of Talk2Watch has an API available for developers to tap into it to bring their app notifications to your wrist.
    One developer, Roger Leblanc, has made use of that tool and has brought a few apps to BlackBerry World already, his latest app is Hub2Watch. Hub2Watch brings all Hub accounts to your wrist. So, whichever accounts you have within the Hub, this app can notify of them.

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    03-05-15 02:30 PM
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    I bought the app. Wasn't crazy about it at first. But since most of my whatsapp chats are muted, having the count on my wrist is amazing. Hoping to see some more faces in the future. Taller is one of my favorite ones. Perhaps notification icons on the side?

    This is truly an excellent app. Worth the $

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-15 09:08 AM

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